Apple Store co-creator wants to kill its long iPhone lines

“In the 12 years he spent as Apple retail chief, Ron Johnson helped dream up the first Apple Store and grew the idea to more than 400 stores worldwide,” Ellen Huet reports for Forbes. “But when new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus hit shelves Friday, Johnson’s new startup Enjoy wants to eliminate the need to go to the Apple Store at all.”

“Enjoy, which calls itself a ‘personal commerce’ startup, sells some of today’s popular tech products — iPhones (through AT&T, Sonos sound systems, GoPros, drones — by sending them to you, on demand (within four hours), in the hands of an expert who will help you set it up,” Huet reports. “The company has raised $80 million in funding and started selling products in May, starting with the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.”

“But Johnson’s eyes are on the next prize: Friday, the day the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus go on sale,” Huet reports. “‘Our entire team now is ready for Friday with the iPhone launch,’ he said on stage Wednesday at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Calif. ‘That’s probably the biggest moment for us yet. We hope it’ll be an inflection point.'”

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  1. I’m a big Apple fan and I know that the developers did the wrong thing and there are evil malefactors behind the Xcode ghost

    for Apple who takes thousands of apps from Chinese developers to be NOT AWARE of SITES giving out Xcode ghost is inexcusable. That means they are so not in touch with the heartbeat of their developers. Hundreds of Developers hear about and download XGhost and yet Apple is not aware of it? . They are not in tune with the developer grapevine at all. Some manager or the whole team in the Chinese app store should be fired yesterday.

  2. Interesting idea…for those that don’t like to go out. But for me, I actually like the lines, and the camaraderie, and the experience of it…it just feels special. And remember, Apple often gives out free coffee to persons in line :-). Is Enjoy going to bring me a cup of coffee? ( LOL, they prob. would if you asked).

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