TechCrunch reviews iPhone 6s/Plus: ‘The camera alone is worth the price of admission’

“Popularized by chip maker Intel, ‘tick tock development’ has come to refer to a major change in a product followed by a refinement of that product. For several years, Apple has focused on large design changes every two years, with healthy, though arguably less showy, upgrades in between. This has resulted in the iPhone and ’s’ iPhone being considered iterations of one another, rather than whole sale new models,” Matthew Panzarino writes for TechCrunch. “I’m no analyst, but I believe that this is going to be a record ’s’ year in sales for the iPhone.”

“In our tests, there was a 56.5% increase in Geekbench benchmark scores from the iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone 6s Plus. That follows a 97% increase from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5s,” Panzarino writes. “In comparison, there was only a 24.9% increase from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 6. In terms of performance, the ‘tock’ years are really kicking the ‘tick’ years in the butt.”

MacDailyNews Take: All the more reason to drop the stupid “S,” and begin to name iPhones properly, for marketing purposes. There is no sound reason on God’s green earth for Apple to provide any reason for anyone to think this year’s iPhones are “iterations” when they are actually revolutionary devices.

“On the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the app switcher, the new camera and anything else I threw at it reacted with speed and a feeling of fluidity. Third-party apps like games aren’t really stressing anything inside these phones to the max yet, but Apple’s standard apps are performing incredibly admirably, as are all of the third-party apps I’ve loaded… The new fingerprint sensor is so fast that you can no longer tap the home button to wake your screen, because it will unlock instantly,” Panzarino writes. “Siri works better than ever, is more aggressive about offering you options and feels very, very useful. The integration with HomeKit, which I haven’t been able to test so won’t opine on too long, have solid potential to be useful — especially in conjunction with the Apple Watch.”

“Both the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are worth your attention and, if it’s in your budget, a purchase,” Panzarino writes. “The camera alone is worth the price of admission — it’s truly great — the glimpse into the future of three dimensional computing is just a bonus.

Tons more in the full review – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ladies and gentlemen: The world’s best smartphones just got markedly better!

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “S. Mulji” for the heads up.]


  1. All over the world in the rival phone companies offices the ‘f’ word is being heard a lot today.
    as in :

    “f— Apple has done it again”
    “We are f—ed ”
    “F— I wish company policy didn’t limit me from using just our own phones ”
    “Is this what Steve Jobs meant by f—ing Thermonuclear War?”

  2. And a friend announced “No, I’m not moving to Apple.” I like my Samsung being “Open” (even though he doesn’t jail break the Samsung.)

    So I said “Yup, open to infection.” but that too seemed to just slide by.

    1. I don’t think the people who say that even know what they mean when they say it. Android is “open” to the carriers to install whatever bloatware and ugly skins they want on the OS. That’s what “open” means in the Android context. From the user’s point of view, you still get your apps from the Google Play app store which has a vetting process so it’s no more “open” from a user’s point of view than an iPhone is.

  3. Thanks, I will stick with my iPhone 5s. I don’t need a 2-hand phone. I know many folks who prefer 4″ screens but got tired of waiting and finally got the new iPhones. Why on earth the biggest company on this planet cannot produce a phone multiple sizes? Jobs wanted the perfect ergonomic device to suite human not gorilla hand. Cook just goes after Asians who like to operate their gadgets with 2 hands

  4. “There is no sound reason on God’s green earth for Apple to provide any reason for anyone to think this year’s iPhones are “iterations” when they are actually revolutionary devices.”

    When has Apple ever given a fuck what dumbasses think?

    No reason to start now.

    1. I agree. Media folks (including MDN) have no “business” telling Apple how to name its products, especially when that product is one of the most successful ever. 🙂 Pius, I can think of several reasons why using the “S” name every other year makes sense, so Apple should just keep on using this convention.

      Most iPhone customers upgrade very two years. Apple is all about customer satisfaction, and typical iPhone customer are be MORE “satisfied” when they believe major upgrades happen every two years, not every year, because THEY upgrade every two years. And the less typical more “savvy” customers who want to upgrade every year, because they know EVERY year is actually a major upgrade (and they can afford it)… Well, they are going to do it no matter what Apple calls that iPhone.

      It is also a long-term marketing consideration to use the “S” name. “iPhone 10” (followed by “10S”) will be the last acceptable name using the current naming scheme. “iPhone 11” is awkward for a few reasons (in print and audibly), and no one wants “iPhone 13.” But it’s a successful naming scheme until then. So make every number last for two years instead of just one. So, we’ll have 6S, 7, 7S, 8, 8S, 9, 9S, 10, and 10S (up to NINE more years) before needing to come up with a new naming plan for Apple’s flagship handheld computing device, and by they, it may be time to retire “iPhone” as the first part of that name.

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