Apple rickrolls you into loving the Apple Watch

“Well played, Apple, well played,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes.

“You don’t normally expect Cupertino to go for a subtle laugh,” Spence writes. “Phil Schiller throwing a barbed comment at Android in a keynote presentation, yes, but not an actual slice of hidden humour.”

“Your expectation was wrong,” Spence writes. “A support page for Apple Watch is going to be the number one entry in ‘Top Five Apple Jokes’ for many a year to come.”

Apple support document HT204833
Apple support document HT204833

“The initials of the friends already listed run NE VE RG ON NA GI VE YU UP. Apple just rickrolled you,” Spence writes. “The faithful will already have bought their Apple Watches. The job of Apple now is to bring new users to the platform, and that means making it attractive, making it visible, and making it fun… it creates an intense water-cooler moment around the world, increases the buzz around the Apple Watch, and punctures the stuffiness and earnestness that was built up around the Apple Watch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This one’s got Hair Force One’s fingerprints all over it.

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    1. Imagine you click on YouTube video of “The faked trip to the Moon”. Instead, what you get is video playing “Never Gonna Give You Up” by some Rick band. That’s when you’ve been rickrolled.

    2. Rick Astley was a one hit wonder with his song “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Whenever you click on a web link that redirects you to his music video, you’ve been “rickrolled”. It’s been a popular meme to do this to unsuspecting folks for years.

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