Apple’s watchOS 2 makes Apple Watch even more useful

“Starting Monday, Apple Inc. is giving its darling product a software makeover with Watch OS 2. It’s available as a free download to all Watch owners on Monday,” Geoffrey A. Fowler reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Coming five months after the watch’s debut, the update demonstrates the speed at which Apple is coming up with new ideas for what we can do with a wrist-top computer.”

“��ve been using the Watch OS 2 for a week and a half, and am happy to report Apple has made progress on my biggest problem with its watch—that it is just too slow,” Fowler reports. “It’s not just Apple apps that are faster. Third-party apps can run directly on the watch, instead of just mirroring information they draw from the iPhone. And they can do more, too, like directly tapping the watch’s heart-rate sensor.”

“Here are some apps that Apple says now run natively on an updated Apple Watch: WebMD, Dark Sky, Weather Channel, Citymapper and Zova. Later today, you can expect many more, including iTranslate, Foursquare and Pacemaker DJ,” Fowler reports. “A few other improvements also stand out: Time Travel; Custom Watch Faces; Connect to known Wi-Fi networks without iPhone; and Nightstand Mode. All of this makes the Apple Watch more useful. But it’s still a work in progress, most appropriate for those who don’t mind the ups and downs of a front seat to the future of wearables.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you don’t have an Apple Watch, now you’re missing out even more.

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  1. My wrist, freed from the oppression of a watch and band many years ago, says no. Even if the watch was as thin as the Longines Classic analogue watch I used to wear (and its twice, possibly three times, as thick) my wrist would still find it annoying.

    1. I felt the same as you once. But I had the sense to see this was more than just a useless timepiece. I have not needed a watch since 2007 when I began using my iPhone as a watch. But the Apple Watch frees your hands and time by feeding you the critical updates you need and ignoring the ones you don’t, and it also adds so many capabilities through third party apps that I would not want to do without it. I won’t even start getting into how convenient the health aspects are.

      Since I started wearing the Apple Watch in April, noting that I have not worn a watch at all since 2007, I have forgotten to put it on only once before leaving the house. The entire time felt just as painful without my watch as it does when you forget your iPhone at home, and I had my iPhone with me!

  2. The upgrade to watchOS 2 now lets Siri control my house lights over WiFi on my Apple Watch using the new Insteon Hub Pro (HomeKit enabled). It’s pretty cool, actually. The Insteon+ app running on my iPhone actually does the work, but this upgrade allows Siri on the watch to send the commands to the new hub via the iPhone app.

    I haven’t been able to get the iPhone app to work over cellular yet, but turning lights on/off via voice commands to my watch at home is very Eureka-ish (the TV show).

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