AnandTech reviews Apple’s iOS 9: ‘Offers something new and great for all iOS users’

“iOS 7 was an enormous release that redesigned the entire operating system, and iOS 8 added features like continuity and extensibility to improve how apps communicated on iOS, and how iOS devices and Macs communicate with each other. With all those changes there has been concern that there hasn’t been enough attention to polish and eliminating bugs in iOS,” Brandon Chester writes for AnandTech. “While it’s not something explicitly stated, it’s clear that iOS 9 does go back to basics in some ways, and focuses on improving performance and stability. There are still new features, and some of them are very integral to keeping iOS competitive as a mobile platform, but the key focus is on solidifying the existing foundations.”

“Multitasking has a profound impact on how you can use an iPad. No longer do you need to interrupt your current task to quickly check another application, as you can now slide it in from the side. Watching videos is no longer something that prevents you from performing any other tasks, because now we have picture-in-picture support. The iPad Air 2 and now the iPad Mini 4 go even further with split screen multitasking, allowing you to have two applications running in the foreground at the same time,” Chester writes. “The boost to productivity that split screen multitasking enables will be enormous once applications enable support for it. To me, iOS 9 feels very focused on breaking down many of the limitation that have held the iPad back as a productivity device.”

“While I definitely feel that iOS 9 focuses on the iPad, it’s not true to say that Apple’s other devices have been left behind. Every device benefits from the performance improvements and optimizations to save storage space that have been made to the core OS and to applications,” Chester writes. “In the end, iOS 9 offers something new and great for all iOS users, and particularly those who use an iPad.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Got it, yet? Or are you waiting for iOS 9.0.1 or even 9.1?


      1. Well.. Aren’t you the lucky one.. Ignorant and all.. OTA was not working for a lot of them all over for at least an hour.. But you would not have heard of it inside of the shell you are staying.. Get out maybe you will grow a pair.

        1. Oh my GOD!! You had to wait an ENTIRE HOUR to get the new iOS? You, poor, poor thing! I don’t know how you ever perservered! There, there, it’s all better now.


  1. OTA didn’t work……..Go to your MBP or Window 7 iTunes account and hook up your iPhone and/or iPad via lightning cable and do it that way……..Worked fast without issue……..

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