“It’s just a stylus,” David Pierce writes for Wired. “You’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise, though. Watching that gorgeous video, listening to Jony Ive tell you in reverent terms how Apple made a pen that feels like every other pen but is nothing like any other pen, you might believe the Apple Pencil is some radical new technology. But it’s just a stylus.”

“These are all things I told myself when I first picked up the perfectly round, perfectly white device and began to scribble on a blank page in the Notes app, filling the 12.9-inch screen of the new iPad Pro. It’s just a stylus. It’s just a stylus,” Pierce writes. “That’s when I noticed the difference between the Pencil and just a stylus: It felt great. Perfect. Better than any stylus I’ve ever used by a wide margin… it’s the first time I’ve ever written on a screen and actually felt like I was writing on the screen. There was almost zero latency, meaning the ink appeared to flow out of the Pencil and not trail half an inch behind. With the tiniest added pressure, the line became the tiniest bit thicker. I tapped on the No. 2 pencil mode, and it wrote and shaded just like all the pencils I used to sharpen with that wall-mounted thing you had to crank.”

“So what gives? How did Apple make a stylus that doesn’t feel like every other stylus? The answer is one of the oldest in the book, the line we’ve used to explain Apple’s success for a decade,” Pierce writes. “The products change, but the upshot doesn’t: Apple can make it better because it controls the hardware and the software.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

Apple’s control of the whole widget (hardware+operating system] guarantees as seamless an experience as possible… Control of the whole widget always was, and still is, one of Apple’s main advantages.MacDailyNews Take, April 30, 2006

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