Apple iPhone 6s/Plus preorders begin with initial glitches

“Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus preorders kicked off Saturday morning with a few glitches that have become typical of the company’s product launches,” Shara Tibken reports for CNET.

“Many avenues for preordering the company’s newest devices — including Apple’s online store — were unavailable for some users for nearly an hour after preorders were slated to begin,” Tibken reports. “The issues mirrored past iPhone launches, including last year when eager shoppers couldn’t access the store for about two hours.”

“This time around, the Apple Store website again wouldn’t load for many users, but others accessing the store through Apple’s app had no problems,” Tibken reports. “The major wireless carrier sites also had some issues. In typical Apple fashion, some models were backordered within minutes of the start of preorders. The rose gold iPhone 6S Plus appeared to be in particularly short supply.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When you want to get your preorders in, it’s best to use the Apple Store app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It’s proven to be the smoothest fastest way to preorder new Apple products.

Note: iPhone 6s/Plus are slated to launch at Apple Retail Stores beginning at 8am on September 25th. Actual supplies may be severely constrained.


  1. Unless you’re one of the last to still get a new 2-yr contract discount. I completed my order for a 128GB Space Gray iPhone 6S Plus at 12:21am PDT with Safari on my Yosemite Mac Pro. Shipping October 16-23 directly from Apple. That’s the earliest delivery date any AT&T orders have.

    1. 12:04AM – AT&T 2 Year – 64GB 6S Plus RG… Oct 16th-23rd.

      Now with that said, it’s been commented that all orders are Oct 16th, and will be updated 24-48h later with the correct date. AT&T simply didn’t want to over promise.

      Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

      Pre launch as a real PR problem. However when people continue to take it, and and Apple sells all they can make, there is no real incentive for them to make it any better.

      20/80 rule wins every time. Anything more is a waste of money.

    2. I was able to buy two ATT space gray iPhone 6s Plus models, one with 64GB, one with 128GB this morning at 6:30 am EST, and they’ll be here on 9/25 which I assume is the first wave of deliveries. No glitches, no problems. I could have done it on my iPhone with the Apple store app but I prefer using my computer. Putting in the two phone numbers, etc. for my wife’s and my phone was simple. The entire process took a few minutes. Full price, no ATT Next.

    3. Thanks for this. I got the exact same configuration, but unlocked through Apple.

      I was debating between getting a 2-year contract discount or buying unlocked from Apple. I’m going to be spending at least 2 months in other countries during the next year and so the unlocked one sort of made sense, but I was on the fence.

      My unlocked one from Apple is coming September 25, just in time for my first trip. If I had ordered it from AT&T like you, I would’ve had to wait until I got back home in November!

      1. I had to buy from ATT to get the $499 2-yr contract deal. But our orders are all shipped to us by Apple direct so early folks like me at 12:21am PDT should get a Sept 25 delivery update in the next week or so. In fact when I was getting ready to pull the trigger the same screen said September 25 delivery in one place while in another place it said Oct 16-23. So I guess ATT doesn’t really know delivery dates because Apple’s queue is so enormous nobody probably knows until their computers can figure it out.😱😖😜😩😘😂😍 😰👽like that.

    1. iPhone Upgrade Program is the bomb of a deal going forward past any remaining 2-yr contract discount offers. Next year Apple might not be able to show that slide of 2-yr contract prices ’cause they’ll all be history.😎💥😱👀⌚️📱📺🔚🔜

  2. Via the Apple Store app on my 5s, I was able to oder a 64GB Space Gray 6s Plus at 12:05am PDT. My confirmation e-mail arrived 20 minutes later with a ‘Delivers by 9/25’. The process was smooth as silk for me.

  3. The website store was unavailable for me. However, my iPad’s Apple Store app worked well. I had two iPhone 6s 128 GB models ordered by 2:20 AM CDT. The confirmation emails say that they should arrive on 9/25.

  4. I ordered mine for pickup at the local Apple store the day they arrive using the mobile app after trying for a few minutes to get the website to work on my computer. The app store worked smoothly. 128GB Gold 6S Plus.

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