Apple’s groundbreaking iPad Pro has nothing to do with Microsoft’s moribund Surface tablet

“The iPad Pro has nothing to do with Microsoft’s Surface tablet, and I can’t imagine what people are thinking by saying that it is Apple’s attempt to copy Microsoft,” Jim Lynch writes for CIO.

MacDailyNews Take: Likely, they’re thinking “Let’s go hit-whoring!”

“The obvious thing to note here is that Microsoft and Apple have two very different strategy when it comes to mobile devices. Microsoft has attempted to blend the desktop and mobile experience together in one device, while Apple has decided to keep them separate by using OS X for desktops and laptops, and iOS for mobile devices,” Lynch writes. “If Apple were going to copy Microsoft, they’d have made the iPad Pro into a two-in-one like the Surface. But they clearly did not do that, the iPad Pro does not run OS X. It runs iOS, just like any other iPad. OS X is still reserved for iMacs, Mac Pros and Apple’s laptop products.”

Apple iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard
Apple iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard

“One thing that seems to be confusing people is the new Smart Keyboard that Apple announced for the iPad Pro. Yes, Microsoft offers a keyboard for the Surface too. So what? The iPad has had keyboards available since long before the release of Microsoft’s Surface tablet, there’s nothing new or shocking about it. The only thing that is different is that Apple is releasing one of its own,” Lynch writes. “Big deal. There are going to be lots of other keyboards to choose from for the iPad Pro too. Apple’s Smart Keyboard will certainly be popular among some users, but there will be plenty of other options for iPad Pro users too as more and more vendors release keyboards for the new tablet. But the ‘keyboard controversy’ makes me wonder about the long-term memory of some people, especially journalists. Is it so difficult to find out that the iPad has had keyboards from various vendors for the last five years or so? Where did they think Microsoft originally got the idea from? Sheesh.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The biggest difference between the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface? People will actually buy the iPad Pro. Millions upon millions of them!

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  1. “Apple’s groundbreaking iPad Pro has nothing to do with Microsoft’s moribund Surface tablet” except ..

    It will force Microsoft to give away the rest of their inventory or, better yet, just buy those “Surface Tablets” well and duly under the surface of a landfill.

    1. Actually, MS is doing quite well on the latest Surface lines from what I’ve read/heard. And Win 10 is getting (reasonably) better at bringing either a mobile/touch-centric interface or a desktop one based on the state of the device (KB attached or unfolded or not, etc.)

      But Surface Pros are more compromised as tablets (weight, ergonomics, apps) than the iPP just as the iPP is more compromised as a dedicated productivity machine given its lack of real file system management, versatile multi-tasking, no track pad in the KB, limited storage and peripheral connectivity.

      But I expect both to improve at both in further iterations.

  2. During last nights NFL game, Al Michaels mentioned that Bill Belichick was using his iPad. It’s clear that strategy of Microsoft providing the NFL with free surface tablets is not working the way they’d hopped

  3. how do you use ground breacking but yet refer to a better product that was already out? the ipad “pro” is just a large ipad. mean while surface can still do more, and runs a full OS, if the ipad pro was “pro” then why dues it not run OSX? nothing but old technoligy and over used ideas from apple as usual. mean while Microsoft is putting out a AR device, a windows 10 powered gaming system (xbox) 75 million copies of windows 10, has a OS that powers, PC, phones, xbox, and smart devices, and well soon have a smart conference TV/PC ….all apple can come up with is a larger ipad? wow apple your so lame

    1. Tell me, ariycon, how old are you? With your poor grammar, spelling, and diction (“lame”), it’s clear that you’re still residing in your parents’ basement, living off the fat of others’ land, and doing little to nothing on your own. Also, are you posting your puerile puke under the “Engineer” pseudonym here as well? If not, he/she is certainly a distant juvenile, lying cousin of your inbred famiy. Really, how transparent can you both be?

          1. It’s really all just a front, I can tell you. Apple fanboys have always had an inferiority complex; having suffered under the thumb of Microsoft for years, they now overcompensate with bluster. They are lately emboldened by swelling sales figures, to be sure—never admitting that those could collapse at any moment, as Samsung’s recently did, for example. But Samsung runs diverse businesses and can weather a downturn in their smartphone sales. Can Apple? Wall Street isn’t so sure. So yes, Apple fanboys can be seen as delusional. As for smug and self-satisfied, these attitudes were minted the moment Apple transmuted Steve Jobs’s preternatural confidence and energy into the Reality Distortion Field that seemingly pervades all space and time, invading even the nursery and the boardroom, poisoning minds in large numbers to reject old-school economic virtues, blathering instead poetry about intersecting the humanities with technology. That’s resulted in a very messy traffic accident.

      1. At least ariycon made points, you just insulted him, I hate fan boys… no points, just insults. It is funny though since he was 100% correct. Microsoft is actually being more innovative than apple, it used to be the other way around (back in the days of clippy…). But seriously, Microsoft gives us HoloLens, windows 10 (which was a huge innovation for developers and users), and XBOX ONE (a truly next gen system, console wars aside). Then apple gave us pretty watch brackets and a larger iPad which, despite what they say, cannot possibly run all those apps at a solid 60 fps with its dinky A9x processor. That is why it has a variable refresh rate. However I will say that Watch OS 2 looks really good. One more thing… you tell a guy that his grammar sucks, then you try hilariously hard to use long words. By the way no one likes someone that rubs knowledge in other’s faces, you can use grammar and still be polite. Unless of course you sat there looking up words to use that were super long, in which case take it down a notch. Speaking of rude, at least he was polite, you were super hurtful and non productive with your comment. That is worse than bad grammar.

  4. Not sure. They all have their qualities. I have a Macbook Pro 15” and a Surface Pro 3. I prefer the Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 than my Macbook Pro – light, versatile and practical. For work, I feel very limited with my Macbook Pro. I also love the new Windows 10 more than OS X. And I have a IPad Air which I don’t really like – will not upgrade this one. Microsoft needs to improve the keyboard but a very minor issue to me and the rest is perfect. Can upgrade memory via a microSD card (256).

  5. I see the root cause of all the comparisons now owing to the impression that the iPad Pro is aimed directly at the enterprise. So all the similarities get pointed out with the product of a brand more firmly entrenched in the enterprise mindshare. Not surprising.

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