Apple Watches measures what set developers’ hearts racing during Apple’s special event

“Turns out developers were in pretty heavy anticipation of seeing Tim Cook take the stage at [Apple’s] ‘Hey Siri’ event, but some new features got them a little more excited than others,” Lucas Matney reports for TechCrunch.

“A few of the developers and beta testers for a heart-monitoring Apple Watch app called Cardiogram wore their devices in workout mode during yesterday’s event,” Matney reports. “And what were the results?”

“It seems that the Apple Pencil really had developers’ hearts racing,” Matney reports. “Outside that, the watchOS launch date and the Airstrip demo really piqued their interests.”

Read more and check out some of the data in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s ironic that, of the data shown, the 3D4Medical portion of the presentation got the lowest heart rate of them all among the Apple Watch Cardiogram users.


  1. Likely the audience and Apple Watch owners were not filled with cardiologists or medical related field Seems, just by invitation alone, they are tech, journalist, and artist by trade.

    Now, put the Apple Watch on a group of the same size with medical fields chosen as the majority. Then place the Keynote, bet the result will be very different.

  2. The medical tech looks like a clear winner for an iPad app than an Apple Watch App… The watch really seems to me more of a sensor and data gathering device than anything… I was given an Apple Watch but went back to my fitbit. It’s a beautiful piece of tech, but we are not ready for one another just yet 😉

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