Why artists will flock to iPad Pro and the amazing Apple Pencil

“The iPad Pro isn’t a typical mobile device — it’s something all together different,” Malarie Gokey reports for Digital Trends. “So what makes the iPad Pro special? It’s simple: This is a tablet for artists and creators. Apple can talk up how productive it is and try to sell it as a touchable MacBook, but really, this is the first tablet artists will flock toward.”

“I want it, and I have spoken with a number of artists who are already sold,” Gokey reports. “The big screen gives artists a lot more freedom to create amazing art without running out of room, and the 2,732 x 2,048 pixel resolution (264 pixels per inch) means that when you’re drawing or editing a photo, it renders in crystal clear detail.”

“Apple’s devices are already home to most drawing apps — and many artists, illustrators, designers, or architects who use a tablet at all, own an iPad. In fact, Apple’s hold on the creative community is so strong that many drawing apps like Forge, Paper, and Astro Pad come to iOS first, or exclusively. I’ve asked the creators of these apps why they snub Android, and I always get the same answer: ‘Our users are on iOS,'” Gokey reports. “The iPad Pro will only cement Apple’s informal relationship with those who ‘think different.'”

“The most exciting thing about the iPad Pro is not the tablet itself, it’s the stylus,” Gokey reports. “I’ve used excellent styli from Adonit, FiftyThree, Wacom, Microsoft, and others, but Apple’s Pencil looks spectacular… Pair this amazing stylus with the iPad Pro’s huge screen, and you’ve got an iPad that could kill off Wacom tablets.”

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MacDailyNews Take: 50 pallets of adult diapers to Wacom headquarters, stat!

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  1. Adieu, Wacom.

    When you consider how expensive the Wacom Cintiq tablet is compared to an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, it’s no contest. And the iPad Pro will mop the floor over anything from Wacom.

    Professional illustrators, designers, architects and animators often barely touch a keyboard or mouse, and spend all day on a tablet. The iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil will likely own this space. I expect that the upcoming Adobe MAX conference will spend a lot of time showing how their various apps integrate with the Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. So will updates from leading CAD and graphics companies.

    We can expect to see more powerful iPad apps taking over what was once the domain of the desktop, and greater round-tripping and wireless integration of the iPad Pro with the Mac, and Mac desktop apps.

    This will be fun to watch.

      1. I’m sure he was being sarcastic.

        However, there were plenty of people saying that there was no innovation at all at the Siri event. They claim Apple is not doing enough for users. I still don’t understand one thing. Windows computers barely evolved over 20 years. They were basically metal cases with upgraded circuit boards and cards. Intel processors slowly evolved getting a bit faster and a bit smaller every year. No one thought it was that terrible a deal. Yet pundits are so critical about Apple’s products claiming there’s nothing revolutionary enough to get excited about.

        Nearly every car on the road today in many ways is not much more advanced than it was 65 years ago. Four tires, steering wheel and stop and go pedals. Where’s the innovation if you look at it that way. Did consumers stop buying cars because of lack of innovation. Hell, no.

        1. And the ‘Apple didn’t innovate enough’ mouths are on people who have no serious comprehension of current technology. It’s beyond their understanding. I compare them to pouting little kids demanding that Lego make a play set of the latest movie. Lego must be failing. Right.

          Please, as macnificentseven48 did above: Compare Apple innovation just THIS WEEK to the car industry innovations of the last YEAR. Make that 10 YEARS! And no, Apple’s CarPlay doesn’t count on the side of the car industry!

          [With nods to you Elon Musk]

    1. Lol. Except for the tiny fact that almost no one has bought that giant piece of MS flop, whereas millions are already drooling and lusting after the iPad Pro and they will probably sell boatloads of these big boys, especially in the enterprise space methinks… Watch and see.

      1. I don’t understand why they would do that any more, now that Microsoft makes products for Apple, even demonstrating them on Apple’s stage. Bill Gates makes toilets, Steve Ballmer designs basketball logos, and Satya Nadella’s no fun.

        I guess for some people, old hatreds die hard with a vengeance.

  2. Feather…the overwhelming stupidity of your statement is breathtaking. Apple didn’t “get there first” with mp3 players. They just finally did it right. They didn’t “get there first” with tablets, they just finally did it right. In no case did they create the very first iteration of any baseline technology. What Apple does and has always done is apply intelligence, human values, and art to the creation of objects that serve our purposes about as well as they can be served. Almost no one believes that the first Motorola smart phone was such an object. Almost no one believes that the first Compaq PC was such an object. Almost no one believes that almost any physical product from Microsoft was ever better FIRST. It’s not just sales that tell this tale. It’s user satisfaction. Apple PERFECTS and IMPROVES and yes INNOVATES (show me the Microsoft stylus that does what the Apple Pencil does).. So.. kindly.. piss off.

  3. if I were an App Developer, I’d be developing an App to connect the iPad Pro with Pencil to a iMac. If this could be done without any noticeable delay, it would be goodbye Wacom. I’d even buy a iPad Pro. 🙂

    The Cintiqs are really good, but they are expensive as all get out. I could use one for CAD work but I don’t need pressure sensitivity and my CAD package doesn’t have native support from Wacom. I’d have to set up the configuration myself. I’ve tested it and it works but to really get a first class experience would require a lot of trial and error testing.

    I think a iPad Pro with a Apple Pencil set between the keyboard and the lower portion of an iMac at a slight angle would be an excellent productivity tool.

  4. I too am concerned about how Wacom is taking the news.

    No doubt their lawyers will be busy looking for patent infringements by Apple. No doubt Wacom will be marketing the fact that they have bigger display sizes in their Cintiq line, up to 27″. Plus Cintiq also includes ‘multi-touch’. No doubt they will be putting the following facts into very fine print:

    The Cintiq costs up to $2,800 for 27″ at 2560×1440 pixels, less than the iPad Pro. The 13″ Cintiq with touch is $1000 at 1920×1080 pixels. And ALL of them require a separate computer device for functionality.

    Wacom is brilliant and I am incredibly grateful for their on-point innovations over the years. I own two of their tablets and gave another to my nephew for his birthday. There will no doubt continue to be a reasonable market for Wacom products. But I think they REALLY should have partnered up with Apple on the iPad Pro. Oh well.

  5. Now the mystery of former Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch being hired by Apple in 2013 is revealed!!! And to think that John Gruber mentioned that was a bad hire turns out to be the opposite. The Ipad Pro UI is preferentially design for Graphic Design work.
    If we look at this pattern, it took 2 years for Apple to come out with a hew design after acquisiiton of new tech or hiring experts in niche fields. Could this pattern be followed for the relese of teh rumored Apple Car, circa 2017-2018?

  6. This will not replace the Cintiq because it doesn’t run full design software. It only runs iOS apps. It is WAY underpowered to be able to replace anything fully. Astropad may help it be a “bargain” Cintiq (which it really isn’t since you can get a Cintiq that is the same size for less than you can get the iPad Pro and Pencil, but Astropad still has a latency problem. A Cintiq Companion 2 13″ starts at around $1299 and runs full versions of Adobe and other creative software without settling for the “mobile” version and can hook up to another computer to be used as a Cintiq and have USB ports and SD card slots for expandability. An 128GB iPad Pro + Pencil & Keyboard cost about $1217 and you can only use iOS apps on it and can’t expand it in any way. iPad pro may be a better iPad but it’s not the “Pro” solution professional designers have been hoping for. A tablet that runs on an i5 or i7 processor with the full Mac OS X is what we’ve been wanting and if Microsoft can do it with the Surface Pro 3 (which, hardware wise, is an incredible device) Apple SHOULD be able to do it even better. The iPad Pro is anything but “Pro”.

  7. Im a Designer and I use a Mouse.

    But I do use my iPad air for just some concept work – always prefer a ‘real’ pencil and paper.

    You can’t beat it, its so empowering sketching out ideas on nothing digital.

    You feel more free working ideas on paper – a screen and software is limiting – but each to their own, I’m a traditional Artist who’s used to using real media like paint and pencils and I can actually draw without the latest ‘gadget’ that will be obsolete in 6 months.

    A REAL pencil will never be obsolete – and it works anywhere.

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