Apple Online Store goes offline ahead of iPhone 6s/Plus pre-orders

Ahead of pre-orders for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, scheduled to start on September 12 at 12:00am PDT/3:00am EDT, Apple’s Online Store has gone offline with the message:

We can’t wait to show you
what we have in store.

Our virtual doors are just about to open.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and your patience as we work to get everyone in as quickly as possible.

Keep checking back, because it won’t be long now.

Apple Online Store goes offline ahead of iPhone 6s/Plus pre-orders

Apple’s Online Store is here.

MacDailyNews Take: Get ready, get set…


  1. Fastest way to get iphone 6s will be via the Apple Store App loaded on your iPhone now. I pre-staged the iPhone 6s and doing it on the iPhone to be replaced by the iPhone 6s makes it much simpler than the Verizon site or through a MBP etc etc…..
    Just my 2 cents…..

    GLTA tonight…..!!!

  2. I want a new one but not in a hurry to get one. I’m going into my local Apple Store to see a Genius this weekend with an appt. to swap out my iPhone 6 Plus for a replacement. My iPhone developed that rear camera focus stuck issue a month or so back as many have. But Apple has acknowledged the problem and is covering it, though it’s under Apple Care anyway.

    Still I wonder what initial demand will be like and how long will Apple be under supply siege for it? I think Wall Street is in for a little (as in massive) market demand surprise, even though saner mortals won’t. So long high end Android, been nauseatin’ knowin’ yah.

  3. Last year I ordered the 6 Plus a week after it started selling in the stores and it took over two months for the device to arrive. I learned my lesson and will be preordering the 6s Plus tonight!

  4. anyone else getting page errors?!
    on both Chrome + Safari browsers on Mac i get: “Access Denied” errors
    and on Apple Store app in iPhone it states”Cannot Connect…The Apple Store is momentarily unavailable.”

    not again Apple – this after 49min now…

  5. I tried pre-ordering with a no contract option (i Have AT&T) but could not do it only gave T-Mobile option….wanted to do Apple’s new iPhone upgrade leasing plan? Is this not available on pre-order?

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