New Apple TV supports console-style MFi game controllers

“Gamers playing on the upcoming Apple TV won’t be limited to Apple’s new motion sensing Siri Remote, as the upgraded set-top box will also include support for iOS-compatible Bluetooth gaming controllers, including a brand new offering from SteelSeries,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“In a section of Apple’s website devoted to the gaming capabilities of the fourth-generation Apple TV, the company reveals that third-party controllers are in fact compatible with the new device,” Hughes reports. “Developers must specifically include support for compatible controller accessories, in the same way that compatibility is currently optional on iPhone and iPad.”

“To spotlight controller support on the Apple TV, Apple unveiled a brand new accessory from SteelSeries dubbed the Nimbus,” Hughes reports. “In a unique twist, the SteelSeries Nimbus features a Lightning port for recharging its internal battery. The company says a single charge will provide gamers with more than 40 hours of battery life.”

Nimbus  SteelSeries Controller

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MacDailyNews Take: Developers – software and hardware – are going to have a field day with the new Apple TV!

Apple unveils the all-new Apple TV with Siri Remote, tvOS, and Apple TV App Store – September 9, 2015


  1. This ain’t no hobby anymore!

    As a gaming console, AppleTV is going to be a very powerful competitor, once people start seeing those commercials. Hopefully, they’ll make enough of them for the holiday season!

    1. I’ve read all your comments, all 10 of them and I still don’t see where Apple’s growth is going to come from!

      You see, most the Apple trees in the orchard are ready for harvesting, all should be ready for harvesting next month. With the onset of winter, where is the growth going to come from?

      Now in the spring, that is a different story altogether!

      I the Crabapple Tree has spoken!!! 🙂

    2. It’s more AppleToy than AppleTV. Apple has apparently decided it is more important to appease the puerile mind rather than re-work televised programming and content delivery. It’s a safe and modest move, not bold and transforming. I fear Apple will succumb to mediocrity versus perusing innovation. What ever Steve Jobs thought of when he ” cracked it”, Apple has broken.

      1. That’s a bit of a problem when you dont hold all the cards, but those are the areas they have to move into and hope they can manipulate from ditching. There is only do long you can stand on the outside asking nicely or nastily for that matter.

  2. The Apple TV may not have graphics comparable to the Playstation or the XBox. And it’s games might not be quite as sophisticated.

    But with its very large existing developer base and inexpensive apps, the Apple steamroller is going to crush its competitors. Poor Nintendo will be killed outright. Playstation and XBox will continue to survive because of core gamers but crucial sales will be siphoned off.

    1. It really depends on the content.
      The AAA titles will be on the bigger consoles and I doubt we’ll see Fallout 4 hitting the aTV.

      Nintendo has a deep catalog of exclusive content and I’d never count them out. They have redefined the gaming industry more than once.

      I’ve lost count of how many times people have proclaimed a winner in the console market prematurely.

      It’s going to come down to content and commitment. Time will tell.

      1. “It’s going to come down to content and commitment. Time will tell.”

        Are you another of those without intestinal fortitude who can’t commit to giving your firm opinion? You sound a lot like those few on this site who end every post with “Just sayin’.” Don’t just beat around the proverbial bush, say something and mean it.

        1. I see potential in the new aTV.

          What I saw demoed was not a ‘game changer’ in terms of console gaming and yet of all the micro-consoles that have come and gone Apple has the best odds of establishing a long term presence and delivering where others have failed.

          As I said in my post, its going to come down to content and commitment.

          That is my firm opinion.

  3. Yawn. No H.265. No MKV. No 4K. No DTS. Max 48k audio sample rates. I’m sure the Siri stuff is nice, and the gaming will be fine if you’re into that sort of thing. But it looks like a lousy media center–something made only to drive more subscription money to Apple. I was hoping that it would integrate nicely into existing rooms, but it’s just another tack-on gadget.

  4. My only complaint with the new Apple Tv is the lack of 4K. Considering that there are already 50″ 4k TV’s for sale for under $600 I would expect that 4K tv’s will see a sales explosion this Xmas. It just seams kind of short sighted not to include 4K in the new Apple TV, I mean the new iPhone 6s will shoot 4K but the Apple TV won’t play it.

    1. I wouldn’t count on a low cost 4K TV having
      1) full featured deep color 4K support
      2) a decent enough image processor to really benefit from 4K

      This is Apple. They always hold back fundamental features for future versions. 4k ATV will be next year

  5. As I said in another thread:

    I’m surprised that the Apple TV only got the A8 instead of the A8X or even the A9/A9X, specifically for gaming.

    Unless having it plugged in all the time allows them to clock the CPU/GPU higher and that makes up for not putting in an A8X, A9 or A9X.

    Even the new Iphone 6s/6s Plus have an A9 processor, but perhaps it is clocked at a lower speed for battery life?

    Thoughts? Anyone bummed that the Apple TV doesn’t have the current A9 processor? Or do you think that it will be plenty fast due to the fact that it doesn’t need to worry about battery life?

  6. I can already stream a game from my iPad Air2 or my iPhone 6+ to the current legacy AppleTV. I’m not sure what advantage this new AppleTV has over this, other than a lag/streaming issue.

    For me having an gaming to the AppleTV seems pointless…am I missing something??

    1. Yes, you are. Very few people who own appleTv actually know they can play their phone games on their TV.

      More importantly, AppleTv is now, for all intents and purposes, a game console, going head to head with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft (X-Box). And because of this, it will win. There will be thousands of games for it before it even hits the market, and a year from now, it’s game catalogue will dwarf all other consoles combined. Vast majority of living room gamers won’t care about Nintendo’s exclusive titles. With so many games to choose from, they will pick AppleTv, which is cheaper anyway.

      1. Content is king when it comes to consoles, always has been. A single hit game can drive hardware sales.

        Have you really been impressed with the vast majority of games on iOS? I sure have not. A lot of crap with a few gems. Nothing on the level of a AAA title unless you count the ports of games that were released 3-5 years ago on previous gen consoles.

        If someone releases a unique game that is a hit and its an exclusive on the aTV then Apple could have it made for sure.

        If price and quantity were the only determining factors no one would bother spending money on an iPhone, they’d all buy the cheapest android device available and call it a day.

        1. You are correct when you say content is king. And that is precisely why AppleTV will win.

          Handheld consoles were a big portion of the gaming market… until iPhone came along. GameBoy, PSP and similar are marginal players in mobile gaming today. The phone has essentially completely taken over that market segment.

          There will always be a few hard core gamers out there, who go for those “AAA titles”, as you call them, and for whom none of the offerings in the AppleTV App Store would be compelling. But those don’t represent the majority of the console market; they are a very small segment. The rest of the console market will happily move to AppleTV, regardless of its less potent hardware, and lack of top titles.

          Functionally, AppleTV will offer significantly more than any of the existing consoles. And the killer will be what it is with all other Apple products: the “it just works!” concept that makes UI intuitive, fresh and appealing.

          In one year, X-Box, PS3 (or whichever number it will be at by then), Wii U (or whichever version it will be) will likely be fighting each other for less than half of the console gaming market; the other half will be in Apple’s hands.

  7. A lot of the games that I loved on iOS aren’t being made anymore. Real Racing, Need for Speed and Asphalt haven’t updated in years.

    The potential is there, but there’s not enough AAA+ titles, that’s my biggest problem… Also, the controllers I’ve seen for the iOS aren’t that impressive with the titles they cover..Sure there’s a game or two that they cover but vastly this is still an untapped market.

    Chris Powers

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