Apple investors aren’t buying on the rumors, will they sell on the news?

Apple “is widely reported to be announcing a refresh to the iPhone, its most important product, on Wednesday. But enthusiasm for the unveiling has been slim – at least among investors,” Erik Holm reports for The Wall Street Journal. “Apple shares are down about 6.7% over the past month and 13% over the past three months through Tuesday’s close.”

“The data crunchers at Bespoke Investment Group are noting that the poor performance of Apple stock in recent weeks runs contrary to the usual pattern for the shares. In the three months prior to all the other iPhone unveilings, they say, the shares have been up,” Holm reports. “But the performance after the prior iPhone unveilings has been far less consistent.”

“Bespoke notes that in the short period between the unveiling and the official launch, shares have notched a positive returns five out of eight times,” Holm reports. “And once the new iPhone is launched, ‘enthusiasm for the stock wanes in the short term,’ Bespoke wrote. In the month after the phones hit the market, the stock has seen a median decline of 2.5%, with gains less than half of the time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The market is generally the last to figure out the import of what Apple has just revealed.


    1. Of course the recent performance of AAPL runs contrary to the typical pattern. Has this person ever heard of the world economy, the Chinese stock market, the war in Syria, the massive migrations of refugees into Europe, and so on…? Why is inane tripe like this posted in the WSJ?

  1. Today is the day all Apple lifelong loyal users give back boatloads of $$$$ to Apple by buying multiple products by the shitload !!!!

    Money earned from long AAPL investment and dividends, which basically amounts to : Apple ‘buys’ new products for all long investors.

    Xmas will be another Apple blowout – don’t doubt it.

  2. OK, the new iPhone 6S camera is officially insane. My iPhone 6 Plus is totally, totally obsolete. I usually upgrade every 2-3 years, but this is the first time I’m upgrading in 1 year. This phone is redonkulous. Resistance is futile.

  3. It’s surprisingly rare that investors in Apple actually comprehend Apple. They have NEVER been like any other company. Apple is so extraordinarily out of the average that they stump average investors, often profoundly.

    All I know is that Apple is a STUNNING success and they just blasted the world with the biggest barrage of incredibly innovative devices EVER. Who can compete with them? Seriously!

    While the other companies fumble and bumble, AAPL has nowhere to go in the long term but way UP.

      1. One thing I’ll point out, nothing new, is the remarkable herd behavior among investors. I suppose has a lot to do with stock market crash behavior. Watching the sheeple shed AAPL today only makes me Laugh and Laugh and Laugh. And we know damned well there are wolves happily waiting for these shed stock to fall into their greedy jaws. Yummy yum. Suckers taste REAL good.

    1. I’m willing to bet most of what passes for “investors in Apple” are mere speculators. These are people doing day-trading, micro-trading, etc. They are not investors – they are thieves who’ve learned how to manipulate the system, nothing more.

  4. Investors know what is going on. These new product offerings are pathetic. A new Apple tv with an app store and raise of price, pffft. A new larger iPad, with a stylus Steve Jobs notoriously mocked AND increase in price, pffft. Apple is going down the tubes and fast. Investors know it, they see through Tim “the steward” Cook’s lifeless, tasteless, boring, bland, presentation. People just aren’t impressed with the crap Cook is trying to pass off as innovation. Tim knows the ship is going down, he now wants to squeeze as many dollars out of iPhone every year he can before the majority of suckers wake up. Apple watch is a flop, iPad sales are on life support, Apple tv will struggle to get those new content deals, Apple music and iTunes are horrendous train wrecks, Apple car will be an epic failure, ios and mac os barely are getting tested before being rushed out the door. Tim Cook will go down in history as one of the worst ceos, arguably worse than his protege Steve Ballmer.

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