Periscope reportedly developing app for new Apple TV

“Periscope is developing an app for the new Apple TV, according to multiple sources,” Josh Constine reports for TechCrunch. “It will allow users to watch livestreams on their television that are broadcasted from Twitter’s Periscope app.”

“Tomorrow, Apple will unveil an upgraded Apple TV set-top box that includes an Apple TV App Store featuring apps built by third-party developers, BuzzFeed News previously reported,” Constine reports. “Games are slated to be a big focus for the Apple TV platform that’s built on iOS, thanks to a multi-functional new remote controller reported by 9to5Mac that includes motion-control. But the Apple TV platform will also support an array of other experiences. Few of the apps have been outed yet, but sources confirm Periscope will be one of them.”

“Periscope was acquired by Twitter in January and launched the mobile, ephemeral livestreaming app in April,” Constine reports. “The app might be previewed in tomorrow’s Apple keynote to show off the potential of the Apple TV software development kit. Apple wants to get developers’ minds swirling with ideas for what they could build.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Get ready to scope and/or chat away, Apple TV users!

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    1. Yes, absolutely.

      For the vast majority of people, streaming somebody’s cloud won’t work. It doesn’t work well today with true HD video, and it won’t work with UHD video either. Apple must deliver local storage and preferably the user ability to add more.

  1. Periscope is owned by Twitter.

    What precisely would Twitter do for the Apple TV that Apple would not be able to do themselves?

    I’m all for the Apple TV finally gaining a real app store, but i hate Apple’s recent approach at pre-installing things that not everyone wants or needs. The sooner Apple removes Facebook and Twitter as default apps embedded in Apple products, the sooner Apple will be able to turn the corner on unnecessary OS bloat. Apple needs to lead in OS efficiency and GUI and stop pre-loading crap into it. Let users installand uninstall the apps they want. These 3rd party social and media apps should never be part of an OS, ever.

    1. Apps are not pre-installed but links to Facebook, Twitter and others are baked into the sharing function. I don’t know how much bloat this causes, but it does not appear to be optional. Most people probably don’t mind but others would like the option to remove all traces…

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