How 15 seconds of an Apple ad changed Blick Bassy’s life

“It’s only 15 seconds of music, featuring a delicate jingle of banjo and guitar topped with a honeyed song in the dialect of Bassa,” Sophie Eastaugh reports for CNN.

“Yet it’s 15 seconds that changed everything for Blick Bassy, the Cameroonian musician whose song ‘Kiki’ was chosen for Apple’s iPhone 6 advertising campaign, airing globally in June,” Eastaugh reports. “Bassy has been making music for 20 years, but the hit — from his third album, ‘Ako,’ released earlier this year — has propelled him onto the international music scene — he’s in concert in London this weekend, a U.S. tour is in the pipeline, while the album has been lapped up by French radio.”

Eastaugh reports, “Quite a surprise for a record that was never intended for release.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats to Blick Bassy!


  1. Well a few minutes of exposure in a porn video changed Kim Kardashian’s life from meh to millions. Ya just never know what people are gonna take to.

    Now if I take that music and apply it to Kim’s porn and slow it down… hmmmm

  2. The exposure to new sounds is what Apple Music offers – songs that you would never encounter by listening to your tried and true playlists or your typical radio stations. Sometimes people need a kick to venture outside of their normal, comfortable boundaries.

    Since the beginning of iTunes, I thought that Apple had a unique opportunity to elevate the indies and bring more parity to the music industry. I had hoped that Apple would establish a program to work with independent artists and indie labels with favorable terms and, perhaps, even kick off a new label. I suppose that would have alienated the incumbents in the music industry, though, who were focused on maintaining the profit streams and minimizing loss of control and change. But, as I said many times since then, the music industry will evolve despite the objections of the labels.

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