Apple set to unleash powerful iPad Pro with jumbo-display

“Apple is going to super-size its iPad tablet lineup next week with the introduction of the jumbo-screen iPad Pro,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“The iPad Pro reportedly will feature a 12.9-inch display compared with 9.7 inches for the standard iPad. Apple is set to unveil the long-rumored iPad Pro, along with a refreshed version of the iPad Mini, at a media event Wednesday in San Francisco, 9to5Mac reported. The iPad Pro is expected to be released in November, with pre-orders starting in late October,” Seitz reports. “The big-screen iPad Pro is said to have a Force Touch screen that can distinguish between finger taps and presses. It also is rumored to support stylus input, something Apple’s late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs was against.”

“The iPad Pro is being targeted to enterprise customers and will sport a jumbo-size price to match its screen size. Apple is collaborating with IBM (NYSE:IBM) to sell iPads to businesses,” Seitz reports. “The launch of the iPad Pro would coincide with the release of iOS 9 software, which has improvements ideal for big screens, such as split-screen functionality for multitasking.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We want!

Apple was working on styluses when Steve Jobs was alive and running the company. We’ve been covering Apple smart-pen/stylus patents and reports for many years now. With years and years of work on smart styluses, it certainly seems like Apple’s getting all of their ducks in order for the 12.9-inch “iPad Pro,” at least, where it might make the most sense – as opposed to a 3.5-inch (or even a 5.5-inch) iPhone.

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  1. Apple’s going to pick up many many multiple new product purchases from many individual customers with this new product release cycle.

    We’re good for at least 2 iMacs, 2 iPad pros 2 Apple TVs and 3 3 new cinema displays (if they appear)…

    Xmas again will be a blockbuster!!!

    1. No kidding… I have an iPhone 4s and a 4 (mine and my wife’s, respectively), an ATV2, and (gasp) a 1st gen iPad (bought opening weekend!!) that all need to be replaced fairly soon.

      (crossing fingers and knocking on wood)

    1. No OS X, no interest

      Kind of dumb to call a larger iPad a pro that doesn’t run OS X. The future will never be an iPad until it gets a full OS. Apps are fine but they’re limited.

  2. Stylus is a must, at least for pro graphics work.. Fingers are just not accurate enough .
    Ipad pro that can run a full fledged photoshop and 3d modeling and video editing programs will be just awesome..
    Besides stylus we will need some good amount of ram though…..
    And a visible, manageable file system !

    1. I can see myself at the coffee shop, at the job site, on trips, or virtually anywhere with a good WiFi connection using the internet and an iPad Pro as a portable screen to work on CAD files on my much more powerful main computer that can stay in my office.

      This would be a very welcome replacement for a laptop or smaller iPad for Pro use.

  3. Actually, I wish the iPad Pro had a 15.1″ screen size as that would allow for both U.S. and European standard “letter” sizes at full, real-world size on screen. But, that likely would be way too heavy and would require a screen like on the 15″ rMBP, which would be too battery hungry with today’s technology for a tablet implementation.

    And, as for a stylus being announced and Steve’s position on having a stylus… People don’t get Steve’s position correctly. Steve adamantly believed that a phone and tablet must not *REQUIRE* a stylus to operate. You lose them. You end up buying dozens of them over the life of the device just so you even can interact with the OS. Steve thought that was incredibly stupid. Thus the iPhone and subsequently the iPad and iPod had screens that DID NOT REQUIRE a stylus.

    This is not to say that Steve thought a stylus did not have its place on a phone or tablet. He did recognize that certain applications and uses (think creating artwork) will require something more precise and diverse than a user’s finger.

    So those that think Apple introducing a device that can take advantage of a stylus under specific circumstances goes against Steve’s intent or Apple’s historical intent are just not getting it right.

    1. Ah, I see you beat me to it. 😀

      You’ve nailed it; It was the loss of functionality that losing such a thing would entail that ticked him off. The use of a stylus was necessary back during the Newton/Palm/Handspring days because of the technological limitations. In many respects you can use a stylus NOW (my wife uses one to highlight text in Notable — she just prefers the feel of it), you just don’t have two.

      I suspect that, if Apple does provide a stylus option, that it won’t destroy the device if you insert it the wrong way. 😛

  4. Hope Apple sells a bunch, but…..

    A MacPad with a DOUBLE SCREEN would be MUCH BETTER.
    Top screen would work as usual, but the BOTTOM screen…
    could be used as a keyboard, BUT also as a color corrector, editing control panel, sound equalizer, etc. It would be up tp developers to come up with all kinds of things. It would use the BETTER INTEL chip.
    I’m ready to buy one of these, not a weaker iPad.

  5. 🔜 iPad Pro is too big for me. I’d have to see it to believe it. But I’d love a new iPad mini 4 and tv 4. iOS 9 & watchOS 2 are the new OS stars of the day 🔜 new countdown. Sea Change Wednesday is what it is.👀💥⌚️🎉📱😱📺🔚

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