“An argument being made for the iPad Pro is that Apple will produce the large iPad to deal with slowing sales of existing iPads. New product, new sales is the theme,” James Kendrick writes for ZDNet. “The larger tablet will be a natural for the enterprise, we’re told.

“I don’t see it. An iPad this large doesn’t fit the Apple model when it comes to new products. If it does come to pass, I see it possibly becoming the biggest flop from Apple in years,” Kendrick writes. “The rumored iPad Pro doesn’t fit this business model. It’s nothing new, just a bigger iPad.”

“A 12 or 13 inch tablet is too large to have mass appeal. Sure, it would grab some consumers and get picked up by some companies, but the vast consumer market will not warm to such a big, honking device,” Kendrick writes. “As for the rumored stylus, Apple has always been against them since the launch of the original iPad. Steve Jobs made it clear that he was dead set against them, and I don’t think that has changed at Apple. Plus, the company would have to develop new technology to make it work well as existing styli are not good for heavy work with a pen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iCal’ed for future reference as there’s certainly been a lot of patent activity focused on something that’ll offer “nothing new.”

And, why is “mass market” the criteria? If an “iPad Pro” helps cement ownership of the enterprise and education markets for years to come, would that not be a rousing success? Surely the world’s most valuable company can manage to make certain “niche” devices, assuming iPad Pro would even be “niche” (see below), that ultimately work to bolster the success of their platforms.

Imagine an edge-to-edge iPad, with inadvertent touch detection (already perfected by Apple) that’s not much bigger than an iPad Air is today, but that offers far more real display real estate and, potentially, smart pen and other coveted (side-by-side multitasking, of one) features? That’s not a “niche” device. That’s the next flagship “iPad.”

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