“We’ve probably spent more years speculating about the product than Apple perhaps spent developing it, but the stage seems increasingly well staged for the enterprise-focused productivity tablet we like to call iPad Pro, (if it exists at all),” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“iOS 9 raises interesting possibilities, not least in combination with Apple’s next-generation A9 (?) processor, this is already expected to deliver 64-bit desktop-class power in a smartphone,” Evans writes. “Think what iPad Pro would offer enterprise users in that event: the solution is an incredibly fast, advanced tablet in conjunction with a reputable partnership-based enterprise ecosystem.”

“If Apple introduces this device it will be offering the most sophisticated tablet designed for enterprise class productivity along with numerous apps and services to support it,” Evans writes. “In some cases it will replace the PC.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Warning, schmarning. Imagine the upgrade for corporate users who’ve been shackled to the Windows dog for decades. Poor bastages, an “iPad Pro” would be your savior!

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