Warning: Apple’s mythical iPad Pro may replace your enterprise PCs

“We’ve probably spent more years speculating about the product than Apple perhaps spent developing it, but the stage seems increasingly well staged for the enterprise-focused productivity tablet we like to call iPad Pro, (if it exists at all),” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“iOS 9 raises interesting possibilities, not least in combination with Apple’s next-generation A9 (?) processor, this is already expected to deliver 64-bit desktop-class power in a smartphone,” Evans writes. “Think what iPad Pro would offer enterprise users in that event: the solution is an incredibly fast, advanced tablet in conjunction with a reputable partnership-based enterprise ecosystem.”

“If Apple introduces this device it will be offering the most sophisticated tablet designed for enterprise class productivity along with numerous apps and services to support it,” Evans writes. “In some cases it will replace the PC.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Warning, schmarning. Imagine the upgrade for corporate users who’ve been shackled to the Windows dog for decades. Poor bastages, an “iPad Pro” would be your savior!

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  1. “Enterprice PCs” are something for Outlook calendars, Excel and other stuff. They usually have physical keyboards.

    Thanks to partnership with IBM, Apple can make significant moves into enterprises, but even with 12.5″ screen there is limitation how far iPad Pro can go due to lack of keyboard.

    On a positive side, even though iPad Pro will cost much more than iPad Air 3, it will be still than good 12″-13″ notebooks.

    1. You can connect a Bluetooth keyboard to an iOS device. You can use the camera connection kit with the USB dongle to add a wired keyboard. However I’m sure the Llighting port will already be used. What you can’t use is a mouse/trackpad. This is something MS has been deliberately leaving out of their advertising to make people the Surface is better.

      1. Indeed, that is one of the most useful upgrades the iPad ever had in light of a missing file system or a vault where files and other elements can be stored easily, that side of the iPad remains very clunky as compared to a full blown computer. However if we have a seamless cloud (big if at the moment) enhanced services, better onboard flexibility/interaction between apps with enhanced multi tasking and seamless interaction between it and other devices through wifi and bluetooth then one can see how a new paradigm (or perhaps a finally useful re hash of the thin client concept) for business computing could take off at least outside of extreme secure vital environments.

        The problem with the thin client as Sun and others saw it was that you needed to sell millions in a skeptical market to make it viable, of course if you have already sold millions and have a stable platform already existing as a Trojan Horse the concept is far easier to introduce into new areas and convince businesses that already use it. No I am not completely convinced, but you can see how Apple might be thinking along such lines potentially and with IBM (with similar motivations) in tow there is a possibility it could make an impact. First they need to get the technology working better mind and then the real stab to the heart of Microsoft could really take off.

    1. Thats why you don’t beat MS face on you out flank them and weaken their ability to earn hard cash. Apple have done this time and time again and I can’t imagine that to finally take them on their home ground isn’t a powerful motivation. The way business is going mobility will more and more take over from the core PC business and MS have shown little ability to move in that environment even in business. If Apple can simply take more and more of the cake in the growing side of business IT then the core where Microsoft is strong will decline relatively as a percentage of the whole cake and its ability to earn easy money will decline and as a new generation finds its way into business at all levels that commitment to MS further declines. ‘Never’ is a long time after all.

  2. In the past I’ve generally poo-pooed this idea, but I’m starting to think it could work for the following reasons:

    1) OSX could not replace Windows because organizations did not want to make such a massive switch. But a switch to an iOS-based machine is not much of a switch when all your mobile devices in the enterprise are already using iOS.

    2) While the iPad Pro could have a cover and be used independently like the iPad is today, with the right technologies built it, it could easily replace the desktop PC. For example, you walk into your office, lay the iPad Pro on a tilted wireless charging station. The wireless keyboard and mouse is already at your desk waiting to wirelessly connect to the iPad Pro. Presto, no docking station needed, no wires to plug into the iPad Pro, and with a powerful iOS operating system, you have all the capabilities of your old desktop Dell with the addition of a touch screen.

    The keys to this working are a powerful new A series chip that truly does perform like a 64-bit desktop system, complete wireless technology including charging systems so the user does not need to plug anything in when they get to their office, and a price under the magic $1,000 level.

    If Apple can meet those criteria is will have a HUGE hit on their hands, yet again.

  3. I will take a punt that this device will be a Macpad Pro, made up of a Mac and a detachable iPad. This hybrid will run OSX when running as a Macpad and iOS when the iPad is detached. The key functionality will be the Continuity feature that lets the user move seamlessly between devices, being able to work on documents seamlessly.

    Then watch as Microsoft crumble under the onslaught of the Apple inc. and IBM alliance in the enterprise!!!

  4. Apple: please keep iOS as far away from the Mac OS as you can. You’ve already dumbed down the Mac too much, thank you. Convergence is NOT desired. Please just replace Windows in the enterprise with an updated Mac OS XI — and advertise it.

  5. To make it a true productivity tool it needs to support
    1- a good file management system
    2- multi window envirnoment
    3- more ram
    4 – precision input devise ( stylus etc ) for graphics work
    5 full fleged applications vs watered down apps !

    Almost an osx capable tablet !

  6. Rotfl is this a joke? The author is a clueless idiot if he thinks and iPad can replace a PC, specially a work PC where we need thingsiPads have always lacked… A freaking file system for starters!
    iPad can’t even replace my home PC let alone a PC where I actually have to get work done.
    Good luck with that..

  7. PCs will be in enterprise until hell freezes over. IT support people and their managers typically can’t support anything other than PCs. And companies use outsourced support that knows nothing about Macs or anything else a Apple. My wife’s large firm (over 300,000 employees worldwide) bought all their graphic design people MAcBook Pros over a year ago, and they have yet to figure out how to connect them to the IT system structure they have in place (that includes this like Lotus Notes no less). For companies to replace PCs, the amount of investment effort to migrate all of their business and financial systems would never show a payoff. It would be a black hole for money and a productivity disaster during the migration. Will it replace mobile PCs for holding meetings? Why not.

  8. What I want is an OSX laptop the same size as my ipad mini with its slim logitech keyboard case …… That would be perfect because there are of course things I can’t do on the mini …. but I don’t need anything larger.

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