Apple could more than double the cost of the next Apple TV

“According to 9to5Mac, the fourth-generation Apple TV could be priced as high as $149 or $199, almost double the current sale price of $69 for a third generation device,” Laura Lorenzetti reports for Fortune.

MacDailyNews Note: “Almost” double? $69 x 2 = $138. $149 or $199 are “more than” double.

Lorenzetti reports, “9to5Mac reports that Apple plans to continue to sell the third generation product as an entry-level model alongside the more powerful new Apple TV.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Whatever the final price, we’re fairly sure that the features offered will make it seem worthwhile to those who understand what the device offers. It’s rare that Apple misprices hardware products.

We’re really going to want to upgrade to ATV4 ASAP in order to get Siri support, the new remote controller, what we assume is an improved ATV4-only user interface, the Apple TV App Store, (hopefully) system-wide search, and the promise of Apple’s Internet TV service in the future.

Apple TV 4 coming in October for under $200, Apple TV 3 becomes entry level; both get new streaming service – August 30, 2015


  1. All the news outlets are using this headline as clickbait, which is,as usual absolute rubbish. Apple inc. will price the device to sell 10’s of millions; why …. because they will release a device that is irresistible, best in class and has a ton of functionality that extends their unrivalled ecosystem even further out of reach of the ‘following and scared’ competition!

  2. All true: it is amazing value for what you get. It’s just that Google and Roko offer “solutions” (nowhere NEAR as good or full featured, but still “solutions”) at a fraction of the TV price. We all know that all the Fandroid Freaks will rant about how expensive the 4th gen TV is. Well, those of us who WILL buy it will know that it’s money well spent. Nothing to be done: quality costs. End of story…

    1. Its a bit difficult to say “its amazing value for what you get” when “what you get” has not been released – let alone tested.

      Apple have not been releasing generational changes every year since the release of the first Apple TV so we can hope that this is a significant step change. But, if its more than a updated TV box perhaps it needs a new name to emphasize the change. Roku and others have a big lead in TV / film rental marketshare so Apple need to bring something else to the party – particularly if they are going to persuade millions that its worth many times the cost of a Roku 3.

      Roll on the 9th.

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