Analyst: Apple stock back to $130 by end of 2015

“Apple was hit hard by the markets’ selloff in recent weeks, although there have been a number of voices arguing that it’s a buying opportunity,” Teresa Rivas reports for Barron’s.

“You can add Brean Capital to that camp. Analyst Ananda Baruah reiterated a Buy rating and $170 price target on the stock Monday,” Rivas reports, “writing that he sees earnings upside for both the September and December quarters, and that the shares should trade back above $130 in the second half of the year.”

Rivas reports, “Ultimately, he sees iPhone shipments through 2017 boosting EPS, along with higher gross margins (thanks to Apple shipping more 6 Plus iPhones than originally thought), and more operational expenditure leverage through 2016 as the company reaps the benefits from its iPhone and iWatch investment cycles.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Baruah’s pining for a cheap (“lower functional”) iPhone for emerging markets shows that he does not understand the company he purports to be analyzing. If Apple wants to tap into emerging markets, they will do so with real iPhones, not watered down junk. Apple doesn’t do watered down junk. Apple doesn’t chase market share for the sake of market share. Apple sells premium products at premium prices to premium customers.


  1. Not likely. Investors consider Apple a poor investment as far as growth is concerned. It’s far too easy knock down Apple’s share price value with unfounded rumors. Every quarter Apple has to struggle with next quarter’s results meeting expectations. It’s really quite ridiculous. The rest of this year is going to be tainted with a poor China economy preventing iPhone sales. I have never seen such a stock so easily swayed by FUD. Not one product or service this year has met with investor expectations. The steadily growing EPS has only managed hurt Apple’s stock value. There’s really too many things holding Apple’s share price down.

    Buy Apple if you want the dividends (that’s my aim) but forget it for share gains. This stock has performed horribly all year long for almost no rational reason at all. Even getting back to $130 by year’s end is an insult to a loyal Apple shareholder’s intelligence.

  2. My crystal ball says it’s going to be $145 by end of year and by the time the quarterly report in January/Feb comes out it will be closer to $165.

    Then again, my crystal ball might be lop sided. hehe

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