Training for a marathon? Apple Watch can help

“With Autumn rapidly approaching, marathon season is almost upon us. So if you’re planning on running a race, now’s the time to ramp up your training,” Graham Bower reports for Cult of Mac. “Whether you are doing a full marathon, a half-marathon or a 10K race, here are my top 10 tips for using your Apple Watch to achieve a new personal best.”

1. Get Siri on your side
2. Convert between pace and speed
3. Customize your display
4. Calculate your race time
5. Check your split times
6. Improve your pace judgement
7. Schedule refuel reminders
8. Use a fluoroelastomer strap
9. Don’t introduce anything new on race day
10. Join the new Cult of Mac club on Strava

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We haven’t run without an Apple Watch since April 23rd.

Good luck, runners!


    1. If I am the only one who smells hidden watch ads on MDN almost everyday…

      and all this investor related disinformation around here is not funny at all, imho.

      Some Mac-beta discussions would be great, like the old days.

      No beta-post at all?
      El Capitan not worth a post on MDN?

  1. The best thing I’ve done recently for my running is to use running cadence (steps per minute). I do this by running to the beat of songs at known “BPM” (beats per minute).

    Songs in iTunes have a BPM field. iTunes cannot populate this field automatically, but there are apps that can calculate and add BPM. I create playlists of songs in iTunes at specific BPM, making them progressively higher. When I run, I pick a “BPM playlist” and run to the beat of the songs. Over time, I steadily increase cadence used for my runs. This has been very effective at improving my overall running speed, and it’s fun. I’m up to 174 steps per minute.

  2. Kenyans and Ethiopians have been successful without Apple Watch. I don’t foresee Apple Watch making a huge difference in current history nor do I think persons in these third world nations will be purchasing Apple Watches to preserve their dominance in long distance running.

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