“If the Apple Watch has taught me anything, it’s that all smartwatches are going to require us as product developers, marketers, and publishers to fundamentally reconsider our notion of interruptions and the role they play in how we communicate and engage with consumers,” Charles Teague writes for VentureBeat.

“For far too long, interruptions have formed the currency of digital marketing. Being immersed in the tech industry, I’ve coined the phrase ‘the Interruption Economy’ to describe the incessant stream of disruptions designed to prod us all into action. Newsletters, coupons, promotions, reminders, alerts, spam, and other notifications and communications, which were once easily overlooked in our inboxes or on our phones, are now nuisances when they come from the wrist,” Teague writes. “These interruptions should be thought of as economic in the sense that interruptions are a consumable resource. Each interruption has a cost and a value. When the value doesn’t exceed the cost of the interruption, we end up with dissatisfied and frustrated consumers. ”

Here are the types of interruptions that will prevail:
• Give me less talk and more action. Who cares if you are having a sale if I can’t buy it on my wrist?
• Make it personal. Want a great example of an app doing it right? Download Dark Sky…
• Use data to make me smarter.

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MacDailyNews Take: With Apple Watch, it’s necessary to customize your notifications and glances in order for the device to be its most useful. It is Apple’s most personal device ever, after all.