What if Apple had released the fatally flawed Galaxy Note 5?

“Apple is in trouble. The company once revered for their revolutionary products now finds itself in the midst of a design panic,” Yoni Heisler writes for BGR. “In case you missed it, the company’s recently released Galaxy Note 5 suffers from a critical design flaw that truly underscores how the company is reeling in the absence of Steve Jobs.”

“The underlying problem is that when the device’s S Pen stylus is inserted the wrong way, it becomes practically impossible to remove without seriously damaging the phone,” Heisler writes. “Compounding the problem is that the phone provides no indication if the stylus is even being inserted in the right or wrong direction in the first place.”

“Is this what Apple has become? A purveyor of expensive products that can break with just a simple mistake?” Heisler asks. “If there’s one thing we can state with certainty, it’s this: The Galaxy Note 5 would have never seen the light of day if Steve Jobs were still around.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Based on the number of articles we’re forced to slog through that are based on pure FUD following every single Apple product launch, just imagining an actual debilitating flaw such as the Galaxy Note 5’s gives us agita. But, this is Samsung, so the routine peddling of half-assed, untested pieces of shit are expected by all, so there’s no outrage from either the tech media or from the ignorant and/or immoral saps who reward serial IP thieves with their business.

Samsung is a filthy joke of a company. Without Apple to copy (no styluses, yet), slavish copier Samsung is hopelessly lost.

Major Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design defect: Inserting ‘S-Pen’ backwards permanently damages device – August 25, 2015


  1. What if Apple…

    I don’t know. Samsung has taken about as much heat for this as Apple does for its own blunders.

    This device will still sell a lot of units. They’ll get the stylus thing settled. That will be that.

    Everyone who cares or matters will have an Apple product. Don’t get your undies in a knot.

    1. “amsung has taken about as much heat for this as Apple does for its own blunders.” Surely you’re joking.

      If Apple had made such a blunder it would have showed up on CNN, FOX, and virtually every other major media channel. If Apple had made this mistake, it would have been as big as “antennagate” or “bendgate”.

      For Samsung, it is exposed on most (but not all) tech web sites and does not even show up as a side comment on the major media.

  2. Samsung got some unwanted publicity when Leo Laporte got his S5 stylus stuck while the camera was rolling on Mac Break Weekly – it made for a great on-air joke of Samsung.

    1. A fitting end to Mr. Laporte’s osculational affair with his Galaxy Note 5.

      Breaking the Galaxy Note 5 is as easy as reinserting the stylus backwards

      Owners of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 5 should be careful about how they handle the device’s stylus. According to reports from various outlets, reinserting the Note 5’s S Pen into the smartphone the wrong way can permanently disable the handset’s stylus detection feature. This means that functions like quickly taking notes when the phone’s screen is off, or automatically accessing the S Pen’s radial menu no longer work. . . .

      Probable Note 5 Design Flaw Can Cause S Pen To Break Pen Detection When Inserted Backward, Or Get Hopelessly Stuck [Updated]

      It seems Samsung was aware of this issue when it shipped the Note 5 and still did not seek to actively address it – the official manual for the phone very clearly states that the S Pen should not be placed in the device backward, lest damage occur to the phone or pen. I owned a Palm IIIc. It was IMPOSSIBLE to put the stylus in backwards. If only Samsung had ripped off Palm as well as it ripped off Apple. Stupid Samsung, as usual.

  3. except for some isolated tech press generally Samsung’s failures will not be reported (unlike the smallest problem from Apple e.g 9 Apple Care returns for bending at height of Bendgate out of millions sold)

    So the large number of people abandoning Samsung devices must just be from USER EXPERIENCE of shitieous hardware….

    1. really like tweaking the Samsung trolls (who are so WORRIED they are reading MDN! ) and getting one stars from them.
      so I’ll repeat in bold:

      samsung has SHITIEOUS HARDWARE. REALLY shitieous… lol.

      1. HERE PROOF:

        Antennagate iPhone 4 had a return rate of 1.7% (official Apple stats, verifiable by SEC).

        and the wonderful Galaxy Gear Watch:

        PC Magazine : (note it’s PC mag not Macworld):

        “Report tips 30 Percent Galaxy Gear Return Rates:
        “Samsung’s”next big thing” isn’t quite as big as expected. ”
        “A document leaked to the tech blog shows carrier/device rollout dates for the time piece, as well as a concerning note that the Gear’s “overall return rate” has topped 30 percent.”

        That’s the Difference between how the press treats apple and Samsung: return rate of 1.7% (from ALL reason not just antenna) and you get Apple Antennagate, what did Galaxy Gear with 30% get? nothing , no backlash.

        BUT maybe it’s right… because we hold Samsung to a different, shitieous hardware standard… lol.

        1. The bendgate iPhone 6 had NINE returns out of conservatively 10 million phones sold in the launch week.
          If the iP6 had Galaxy watch’s 30% the return (out of 10 m) would be THREE MILLION returns !!!

          contrast and compare real and fake ‘hardware issues’.

          1. NO matter how many one stars Samsung fan – nuts give me it doesn’t over write the truth.
            the ‘worse’ Apple product has a 1.7% return rate, a supposed ‘typica’ Samsung product (no Watchgate etc) has 30% return rate.

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