Apple Watch rumored to get ‘smartbands’ that add many new capabilities

“According to a rumor, Apple is going to add new capabilities to its legacy first-gen watches through ‘smart bands,” Redmond Pie reports.

“Allegedly, these bands will be able to attach to your Apple Watch and add a plethora of new sensors, including those for blood oxygen monitoring, respiratory rate, blood pressure and body temperature,” Redmond Pie reports. “The rumor has been reported by the website Letem Světem Applem (Czech), which has cited unnamed sources behind the info.”

Redmond Pie reports, “However, it’s also one of those rumors that have the potential to be true very easily. If you recall, even before the Apple Watch was announced, there were rumors that the Cupertino-based company might provide interchangeable bands in future that will all add different features.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Why is that 6-pin port there? Just for service and diagnostics (like Apple TV’s Micro USB port) or for something(s) much, much more?

Charging the Apple Watch using its 6-pin accessory port – May 28, 2015
Apple Watch houses mysterious six-contact data connection port – March 5, 2015


  1. Why does Apple have to make the bands? Scenario: Apple licenses the use of the ports and works with leading medical and scientific research facilities to produce bands that can provide any number of advanced features, then let the med/sci community worry about getting the proper dederal approval, if needed.

    1. Sorta like how MicroSoft left it to others to write .NET frameworks for non-Windows OSes? Apple is in the device business. The medical community is into medicine. Apple has the reputation (stained as it is after these latest buggy releases of Mac OS X) and the money to take the risk with stakeholders at its side. If it will be done, it will be done by Apple.

    2. Apple will allow third parties to make bands, and probably even cases (I can’t see wanting a case for my Watch), but remember that Apple makes its money on hardware sales, and watch bands with sensors, etc. are definitely hardware sales in which nice profits are to be had.

    1. Your trolling is of a pre-kindergarten level — about as much to do with reality as “Apple STILL failing to breed pink elephants”.

      To graduate to kindergarten trolling, attempt to have SOME tiny grain of reality involved.

  2. Now this is exciting if true!
    The ports on the watch ( fact) .. Oxigen sensor chip inside that is locked( fact) support this rummor … .. I hope it comes for holiday season…

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