The next-gen Apple TV’s marquee feature

“What makes the cut for Apple TV at launch is being closely watched, but perhaps the best feature for the device is almost a given to make the cut,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP.

“Global search will be Apple TV’s new killer feature,” Reschke writes. “Searching for content within network apps is a painful exercise. People simply do not think in terms of provider, then content. Rather, the content you want to watch is thought of first, and then how to find it becomes the big task. Apple’s global search will be a welcome change.”

“If I am in the mood to watch a Tom Hanks movie, Apple TV global search will have me covered,” Reschke writes. “I will no longer need to figure out where Mr. Hanks’ movies [are] hiding. Are most of his hits on Netflix, in Apple TV’s movies, Hulu or the Crackle app? No longer will I need to hunt around in the Watch ESPN, Tennis channel, NBA, CBS Sports or ACC apps to discover whether or not the sporting event I want to watch is available. Global search works the way people’s minds do, providing content first, no matter what network it may be on.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, this is a big issue to tackle. Just the other day we were searching for a movie to rent and the procedure went like this: Check Apple TV. No. Check Netflix. No. Check Amazon Prime. No… Ugh!

Now, of course, Apple TV doesn’t yet have Amazon Prime, but if your Apple TV could know to which services you’re currently subscribed and then search across all of them to find what you’re looking for, it could really streamline things significantly!


  1. How about “universal setup.” If you have more than one Apple TV, it is a complete pain to have to activate providers/channels across multiple devices. Or even setting up the icons (location, show/hide) across devices.

    Then multiple screens and app folders would be great.

  2. I never ever post but Tivo has this feature now. I know Tivo has its faults but the Tivo Roamio with a Tivo Stream is the best purchase I have ever made for home entertainment, Sonos is a close runner up. The ability to search for everything, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, etc is awesome as well as off loading shows to my iPad.

  3. TiVo in it’s latest products has a global search and it is quite nice to have content show up regardless to provider. TiVo’s search consolidates broadcast, Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant and Prime services. It’s not perfect. But it does show the value of a unified content search. It would be a great addition to an appified Apple TV. If only they could get the content providers weaned from requiring content deals with cable companies. I have Time Warner Cable, so apps like the Turner Classic Movie app on iOS are worthless because TWC doesn’t want anyone using any app but theirs. Even broadcast networks like ABC and NBC require the participation of a pay TV provider, for some dumb reason. They are selling ads in their content yet they need a content deal with a cable or sat company to show their content? Makes no sense.

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