iOS 9.1 traffic from Apple suggests later special event for iPads in October or November

“Even as we await the public launch of iOS 9 in September, Apple is already looking ahead to iOS 9.1,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “During a two week span in July, Apple engineers appear to have focused their attention on developing the first major update to iOS 9, as seen in the MacRumors visitor logs from Apple IPs.”

“Beginning on July 21, we started seeing a small number of hits from devices running iOS 9.1. Visits picked up on July 22 and peaked in the dozens on July 28, before dying down as August approached,” Clover reports. “The majority of hits we received came from an iPad or iPad mini-sized device, while the rest came from a device the same size as the iPhone 6 Plus. It is not clear if the visits came from existing iOS devices or from new devices that are in testing, including the iPhone 6s Plus and the iPad mini 3.”

“Visits from iOS 9.1 devices have since tapered off, suggesting Apple’s iOS team is once again working on getting iOS 9 ready for launch. It is not known why a two week period was spent on iOS 9.1, but it’s possibly related to testing on the iPad Pro or iPad mini 4, both of which may already be in production or entering production soon,” Clover reports. “We don’t know what features will be introduced in iOS 9.1, but logic dictates it may be an update that’s designed to launch alongside the larger-screened 12.9-inch “iPad Pro,” which has been rumored to be coming in October or November.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It makes sense for Apple to continue to have separate events for iPhone and iPad so that each can have the spotlight. Lumping everything together in a single event would risk diluting the message for one or both.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I agree it’s best to have two events about a month apart from each other. That way we can buy our iPhone in September then iPads in October. Makes it a little easier to spread out the multi thousand dollar purchases over a couple of months.😜

  2. I would LOVE to buy a DOUBLE MacPad. It would have one screen on the TOP, and the other on the BOTTOM.
    You could use the bottom screen as a keyboard, but, it could also be used as a editing controller, a color corrector, sound equalizer control, etc.
    Has anyone seen MS Office on the iPad? The on-board keyboard takes up HALF THE SCREEN. what a WORTHLESS USER experience !!!
    This product would not “just be cool”, but would be as useful as developers could make it.

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