Analyst: Apple working on ‘large, curving piece of glass that can display images’

“Global Equities Research’s Trip Chowdhry today writes of Apple that ‘it is likely that Apple is creating a completely new device,’ something he vaguely describes as a large, curving piece of glass that can display images,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“Sounds like the description of a television set,” Ray reports, “although Chowdhry is not going so far as to claim it’s a TV set.”

Ray reports, “Without citing any sources, Chowdhry describes real estate in Silicon Valley being sucked up by Apple for various efforts he suggests are covert product development, including this mysterious new something.”

It is very likely that Apple is working on some new device with the following characteristics:
• A device which is 27″ to 50″ Curved Glass somewhat resembling a car windshield or a curved display
• The whole surface area acts like an HUD (Heads Up Display)
• The various sensors are built right into the Glass
We think this could be the next generation of some computing device, which may be completely gesture controlled…

— Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry

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MacDailyNews Take: Poor Gene will never be able to sleep tonight.

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  1. I like the car windshield idea but let’s not forget buildings and sidewalks. It’s an advertiser’s wet dream. Anywhere there is a window or flat surface.

    1. Well, that gives you a ten-year start to outdo Apple. Let us know when it’s ready, if the curved glass display is even real. I know CRTs all had curved displays before the flat-screen era began, maybe you can start there!

      Seriously, you don’t know Apple if you don’t know they never rush to market with gimmicks. If your remark was an attempt at criticism, or even sarcasm, you missed the mark.


  2. Let’s play Rumor Mongering, the game! My turn:

    I guess this curved thingy with images on it is…
    – – – A windshield for a self-driving car. While the passengers (including the driver) are being chauffeured by their Car, the windshield shows them such fascinating things as:

    – The prevailing wind speed around the car. 💨
    – The Temperature outside AND inside. 📛
    – No smoking. 🚭
    – The time. ⏰
    – Netcast memorial services for Google and Samsung. ⛪
    – Ancient ‘Felix The Cat’ cartoons featuring Poindexter. 😼😾🔬
    – The list of items they’re shopping for that day. 📋
    – What’s on sale at Penney’s (inside joke). 💳
    – A map to their destination. 🏫
    – Current market price of AAPL. 📈
    – Trivial Pursuit, Travel Edition. 🗽🗻🗼🗿
    – How far to the nearest public bathroom. 🚻
    – The weather report. ☔
    – Battery power guage. ⚡🔋
    – Who’s calling the car iPhone. 📱
    – What’s going on in the car behind them thanks to the nifty rear-facing iSight camera. 📹
    – What’s playing on Beats 5. 🎶
    – Points per pedestrian. 🚶🚴
    – The genus and species of every insect smashed on the windshield and every passing road kill. 🐞🐞🐞 🐀🐇🐒

    And lots more things to amuse the whole family! 😀

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