Apple’s Jimmy Iovine hints at radical Apple streaming TV service

“Apple’s Jimmy Iovine thinks curation will drive success not only in streaming music, but in television, too,” Tom Huddleston, Jr. reports for Fortune.

“That’s what Iovine, the legendary music producer who cofounded Interscope Records and Beats and now works on Apple’s new streaming music service, told Wired in an interview published Friday,” Huddleston, Jr. reports. “‘Curation is a big thing to us, and no one is going to be able to catch us or do it better,’ Iovine told Wired, speaking of music before switching to television: ‘We all know one thing, we all have different television delivery systems, don’t we all wish that the delivery systems were better, as far as curation and service?'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, we do, Jimmy!


    1. Why would any intelligent human being want anyone else picking their music or their television programming for them? That’s just mindless bullshit. An entire generation of people who can’t think for themselves. They are nothing but sheep.

  1. Excuse me, curation? Curation of Hollywood drivel, HBO schlock? Whose curation, Jimmy Lovine’s? Content not curation!
    iTunes needs content, not more special deals between distributors, shuffling movies on and off services and pretending to have exclusives for two months. iTunes just needs to get the content, pay the creators not the middle muddlers, and give us truly worldwide content not region specific distribution.

  2. Curated TV works like this:

    Watch this crap…then watch this crap…Watch this crap…then watch this crap…Watch this crap…then watch this crap…Watch this crap…then watch this crap…

  3. If you’ve never listened to a really well run radio station in which the Music Director and Program Director as a team pick only great music you are missing a great experience. Corporate ownership of radio put the Sales guy in charge and Steve Jobs had a lot to say about that. When the decisions about WHAT a thing is is dictated by the money first, quality declines inevitably. Curation is an art since it involves taste and intelligence. Iovine is no dummy. So stop judging something before it arrives. By picking film and television experts, people who can tell the difference between a classic episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show and something from The Honeymooners that should be forgotten, they save you an enormous amount of time. People living in the age of blogs have lost sight of the value of their own time. How much dreck do you REALLY want to wade through to find something of value. If your life has so little in it that you spend 10 hours a day glued to a screen you don’t really have a life. I want smart people, people whose job it is to RECOMMEND content more likely to be good. If you are Beatle’s fan do you want to spend time listening to “What’s the New MaryJane” or Side one of the White Album? Even great artists produce work that is less worthy. Save me time Apple.. Tell me what is good. I can find the crap if I want to.. nobody is preventing that.. but if I hear from you that you think that five tracks from the new Sia album at worth a listen.. I’m going to give that more consideration.

    1. No, “they” can “curate” all they like but good curation shouldn’t be tied the delivery mechanism—they can only curate what they can sell/stream. That is “taste” formation in a restricted sand box. No different than FM radio or MTV in the day.

      When it comes to movies and TV some of the best content isn’t getting to us via iTunes, its leaking out via elitist Film “festivals” , direct to BlueRay, silly arthouse distribution companies that constrain distribution to “open” streaming platforms. Curate all you want but some of the best stuff never gets to iTunes, that’s the issue.

      The day a “DJ” can select (ahem curate) any track/film/show s/he wants beyond iTunes rights then it can become an alternate discovery vehicle. We should be able to stumble around and find our own tracks as well as check out what Trent Reznor’s into, but with full access to the entire catalog not the balkanized morass we have now.

      The next step in the media revolution is to shed the control exercised by distributors and their anointed arbiters of taste. I should be to be able to watch the original Danish-Swedish* version of “The Bridge” in iTunes and not be restricted to only the FX derivative version.
      * Yes I know I can watch it on Hulu, but I’d like to buy it… thats my point—choice.

    2. Thank you for your voice of reason. I thought the anti curation crowd on this thread had lost its collective mind. Who the hell has time to wade through all the garbage out there? Intelligent curation could make a big difference by directing me to content I might be interested in.

  4. Listening to Iovine talk or even reading his words and hearing his voice is my head is like nails on a chalkboard.

    His creds aside, I wonder how Steve Jobs would have felt about Mr. Iovine?

    Just seems like a really, really odd fit with Apple.

    (Blabber Mouth)

  5. It will likely be many years before Canada sees an Apple content offering.

    One area of content that I would love to see revolutionized – the news. I would love to see actual journalism instead of the endless commentary of opinions about the polls about people’s opinions of someone’s opinion of something. While it is impossible to remove all of the journalist’s own views, prejudices and worldview – it would be nice to see someone actually try to uncover facts and present them clearly. One of the legacies of postmodernism – the denial that there is anything such as objective truth, has left us with news which is not news – no search for truth (yes, the truth is out there….). We have been left with News as entertainment feeding different audiences propaganda that suits and reinforces the viewer’s own views (right or left). How about some real journalistic expose of the corrupt relationship between Wall Street and Washington – show us a list of all congressperson’s and senator’s meetings with lobbyists and whether they received campaign funds from them, and whether their opinion and vote changed in accordance afterwards, for example. And the American couch potato (bred to perfection over many years), says, “But facts are so boring, and it hurts to think that much – tell me why all my views are right, and pass the chips…”.

  6. It is not about curation !…. Curation does not fit TV.
    It is about a powerful and flexible content search and channel creation technology.
    And its coming …..;)

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