What the next Apple TV needs to succeed

“The existing Apple TV has grown long in the tooth without a really substantial update since the second-generation version appeared in 2010. (The third generation, which debuted in 2012, added a better processor and support for 1080p),” Dan Moren writes for Macworld.

“Meanwhile, competitors like Amazon, Roku, and Google have continued to raise the bar, adding support for apps, better search features, and new form factors. But Apple makes its bread and butter not by being first, but by entering a populated category and being the best,” Moren writes. “So when a new Apple TV does arrive, what might it bring?”

“I’ve been waiting for an Apple TV for a while—so long, in fact, that I’ve largely given up using my increasingly slow and unreliable Apple TV in favor of an Amazon Fire TV,” Moren writes. “But I’m ready to make the switch back, just as soon as Apple gives me a great reason to do so.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We want 4K support, an Apple TV App Store, a new remote (but we already use our Apple Watches, so that’s not a big want), Siri integration, and – mostly – a game-changing Apple Internet TV service that lets us cut the cord and save some money (so we can turn around and spend it on Apple Music, iTunes Match, iCloud storage, etc.)


  1. I would like most of those thing MDN mentioned, but since my internet connection is crap, 4K content is an absolute impossibly. I don’t want to be talking to my TV in much the same way as I don’t want to be talking to my phone or computer. Until an internet TV service offers all the live sport of broadcast tv it’s almost irrelevant what other content is available since with a lot of services you get sport on the back of something else, or it just is the most expensive element. Even if my connection could run my Apple TV, we have multiple TV’s in the house, which at varying times are all being watch, so I’d need a connection that many times faster. Nice ideas but the pipes just aren’t there for me (and large numbers of others) to make it a solution to 100% replace broadcast.

  2. Android support. This coming holiday shopping season is going to be huge with people cutting the cord. I am seeing chromecast everywhere i go. The new Apple TV should come with an accompanying Android app. Don’t give these potential customers away to Google. Next year will be the year everyone, including people over 40 jump on the cord cutting bandwagon.

  3. I want the ability to record streams and then to be able to click past commercials and move forward and backward easily. Without recording, I’ll stick with my HDVR and DirecTV. Oh, forgot to mention a la carte programs from the majors as well as selected cable channels like HGTV, FNC, CNBC, Food Network, and Bravo. I’m afraid the Apple set of channels will be too constrained and not a la carte.

  4. It’s almost guaranteed to be considered a failure as soon as it’s announced just like everything else Apple has done this year. That’s how analysts and tech critics approach all Apple products. It will never do all the things the experts expect it to do. Realistically, I don’t think every product Apple puts out can change the world but many people think that way.

  5. It’s too early for 4K support. There’s little 4K content available, and our current US networking/ CDN infrastructure doesn’t properly support it.

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