Noel Gallagher calls Apple ‘arrogant’ and Apple Music’s Beats 1 ‘Orwellian’

“Noel Gallagher has waded back into the streaming debate, accusing Apple Music of being ‘arrogant’ and ‘Orwellian,'” The Guardian reports.

The Guardian reports, “The former Oasis man, who has been critical of streaming services such as Tidal in the past, told the Varvet International podcast: ‘Apple Music, world radio: is that some sort of George Orwell shit going on? How can you be so arrogant that you can say, ‘We now fucking own world radio.””

MacDailyNews Take: Apple calls Beats 1 “The world’s local station.” Nowhere on their website or in any of their marketing materials does Apple make the claim, “We now fucking own world radio.”

The Guardian reports, “Gallagher went on to express dismay at the way music is consumed today, with fans streaming individual tracks rather than investing in full albums.”

MacDailyNews Take: Another has-been lamenting the passing of the forced bundle (“album”), an artificial construct that the music industry foisted on people as “art,” but was really a scheme to get paid 10X more per each decent track. The music industry began with singles, not forced bundles deceptively called “albums,” and it’ll end that way, too, thanks to Steve Jobs*.

*Standard disclaimer: Yes, some music albums are art. The vast majority are not. Apple continues to sell music in album form for those who desire to buy full albums.

The Guardian reports, “Of this sea change in consumer behaviour, he said: ‘If you tell me now that the record-buying era is over, that makes me sad. That the culture of buying and believing in a record, that era is over, and the belief is that music is for hire and for rent, the money that you pay lets you access everybody’s music but own none of it: I think that’s a sad day.'”

MacDailyNews Take: We bet you do. $1.29 for every hit song you write – in Noel’s case, make that wrote – as opposed to $15+ for plastic discs laden with filler. No, people don’t “believe” in forced bundling anymore, Noel. The free ride is over. No wonder you’re sad.

The Guardian reports, “Talking about Apple Music’s ‘Connect’ feature, which aims to allow users more access to artists and their schedules, Gallagher said: ‘Who cares what fucking Thom Yorke is up to? Seriously, who gives a shit? I’d find it creepy if everyone wanted to know what I was up to.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now there’s a guy who understands marketing through and through. No wonder Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds couldn’t fill the first row at Wembley much less fill it up like Ed Sheeran can today or like Oasis could back when Noel had others who understood things like basic music promotion helping him along.

No wonder Noel’s last album sold a massive 115,000 copies total (or about as many copies of 1989 that Taylor Swift just sold while you read this).

No wonder Noel now toils in near-total obscurity and the only press he can get is for sputtering clueless expletives.

Perhaps if Noel wasn’t a bitter, confused, loudmouth asshole, people would know that he can still create compelling and gorgeous music? After all, we should know, we own every single song he’s ever offered up for sale, including being one of those rare 115,000 owners of his latest “album,” Chasing Yesterday (ironically-titled, given his rant over the demise of forced bundles).


    1. How original of Noel the plagiarist Gallagher.
      My kind advice to him is to settle down and enjoy the wealth he has amassed over the years like Cilla Black OBE did. If the media want you back, they will provide you the vehicle just as they did for Cilla and just as they have done for Sir Tom Jones.
      My advice is kind because I take into account the booze and drug filled lifestyle he led in his early pop success days culminating in the purchase of cars he couldn’t drive and a swimming pool when he couldn’t swim!

      If he hasn’t done it by now, he should learn how to drive and swim and then how to chill.

      1. Tom Jones is still great. He once performed in like 100 degree Fahrenheit heat at the Hollywood Bowl and still put on a helluva show, albeit a sweaty one. I’ll never forgive Tim Burton though for putting him in MARS ATTACKS though.

  1. It is hard for an artist when he comes to the realization that world DOESN’T revolve around him. Sometimes, he will lash out at others; sometimes, not. Either way, he eventually fades into insignificance.

    1. It is even more difficult for Apple fannies to realize the technology world does not revolve around Apple!!!!

      When it comes to the high-tech industry, it is most appropriate to ask “Apple who, Apple what?”.

      Is Apple even relevant?

      🙂 🙂 🙂

      by Gerry the Merry Berry

        1. Well, I’m not really joking but I do find Apple fannies hilarious when the talk about how great Apple products are.

          Apple is not a high-tech company, it’s a phone company , no more, no less.

          Apple consumer products are overpriced average to low-quality products.

          When it comes to the consumer market, Apple can get away with such an abusive pricing strategy.

          To be successful in the corporate world, Apple will have to offer more competitive pricing and much higher quality products than they do for the consumer market.

          Keep in mind that iOS is more of a pocket OS (called a mobile) than a real full-fledged OS.

          It stands no chance whatsoever to compete with Microsoft Windows which is the most sophisticated and secure OS on the planet today.

          That’s just my opinion. I hope I’m not offending anyone here!

          🙂 🙂 🙂

          1. Wrong on several counts. Apple is a design company whose most popular hardware product happens to phone functionality built in.

            Apple doesn’t make phones or sell access to cell networks or build networks.

            Apple is also a large retail and online sales enterprise. Again, NOT a phone company.

            Apple also attempts to sell consumer-level, cloud-based services a business at which they are only marginally acceptable at. But still not a phone company.

          2. Also iOS is the same Unix underneath as their laptop and desktop computer lines. So it is fully fledged minus the cruft not needed like drivers for parallel ports and dot matrix printer profiles.

  2. “rather than investing in full albums.”
    “Investing?” Usually implies at least the potential of increased value.

    “That the culture of buying and believing in a record, that era is over”
    And yet other musicians are still earning money doing music, amazing, isn’t it? That’s like saying the days of playing the viola de gamba or sackbut are over and it makes me sad.

    The Album/CD format is an artificial, technological construct for music. Much music was made, played, enjoyed long before these constructs were invented and will continue long after they have died.

    1. Agreed. But some albums truly are more than the sum of their individual songs – Pink Floyd The Wall is a great example. The album tells a story, and it will always be one of my favorites.

      But to extrapolate from that to the Gallagher griping that it is wrong for people to consume individual tracks is ridiculous. Has Gallagher been on a crusade against broadcast radio for decades? If not, then why not? Because broadcast radio almost exclusively plays individual tracks.

      I don’t like people telling me how I should consume media. You make it and offer it for sale and I will decide if, when, and how I want to listen/watch. If you don’t like that, Gallagher, then learn to live with it, because that is the way it is going to be.

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