Apple’s music deals allow for up to five new worldwide Beats radio stations

“Apple’s 24/7 radio station Beats 1 has lived up to the hype, quickly becoming the most praised part of the service,” Micah Singleton reports for The Verge. “But it may not be the only official station from Apple for long. Apple has the ability to expand its lineup of Beats radio stations at will, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.”

“As part of the deal it struck with the major labels for Apple Music Radio, Apple has licenses for up to five additional stations like Beats 1, without having to renegotiate with the labels,” Singleton reports. “That means Apple could launch a Beats 2 station headquartered in Australia or Asia, allowing it to provide live radio around the clock (Beats 1 is only live 12 hours a day).”

“The Verge has also learned that the per-play rate Apple pays the labels for music played on Beats 1 is ‘better than Pandora,’ according to a source,” Singleton reports. “Given the reception to Beats 1, it seems likely that Apple would want to expand its Beats lineup in the near future.”

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MacDailyNews Take: While we generally like the eclectic hodgepodge that is Beats 1, we can certainly see a need for other stations that cater to certain audiences for specific genres à la SiriusXM.

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  1. I would love to see a Beats station with more rock n roll, less techno, Rap and sound effects. I love the concept of the world wide station, but every time I tune in I tune I haven’t cared for the music (it’s likely that I’m the wrong demographic!)

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