Telstra offers free Apple Music subscription with new iPhone 6 plan

“Australian cellular operator Telstra on Monday announced a new incentive plan that gives iPhone 6 and 6 Plus customers a one-year Apple Music subscription for free when they sign up for post paid Go Mobile services,” AppleInsider reports.

“According to an advertisement on Telstra’s website, the free Apple Music offer applies to new 12- or 24-month Go Mobile plans for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus,” AppleInsider reports. “The company notes data charges apply, meaning the offer covers only Apple fees, not contract bandwidth.”

AppleInsider reports, “As noted by Gizmodo, it appears Telstra is instituting carrier billing for its Apple Music offer, as the terms and conditions specify customers will be charged once the trial period ends.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another avenue for Apple Music, soon to be the world’s most popular subscription music service, to gain subscribers.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Companies better be careful. Apple Music wipes out people’s music libraries (I’ve lost 4,000 tunes, all paid for, and am still trying to get them back). Not a good way to make happy customers.

    1. If they are “paid for” from iTunes Store, you can download previous song purchases on the iTunes Store PURCHASED screen. If from Amazon MP3 Store, it has a similar feature on web site.

      I’ve had no problems with my iTunes library related to Apple Music. As a LONG time iTunes users, I appreciate how Apple Music integrates with my existing iTunes library, which I have carefully maintained for SO long. I can add new Apple Music (subscribed) songs to my existing library of (owned) songs, and they are just like any song. I can add those new songs to existing playlists, mixed in with existing songs. They play (by streaming from Apple) just like my existing songs stored locally. It’s seamless. The new Apple Music service can be experienced separately, but Apple’s thoughtful design allows subscribed streaming to become part of my ongoing iTunes experience.

      THAT is how to make existing customers happy. Apple’s design shows that Apple appreciates the importance of my iTunes library, and wants me to keep using it. Other streaming services want to replace what I’ve built with iTunes. If Apple had taken the same approach and made Apple Music completely “new and separate” from iTunes, THAT would alienate existing customers.

      1. Yes, I can do that and as I continue looking at my iTunes library, I find now I’ve lost almost 5,000 tunes thanks to iCloud and Apple Music.

        THIS is how Apple appreciates my library? Forcing me to download 5,000 of my own tunes?

        I am very outraged at how Apple has destroyed my data.

        Thank you Apple.

  2. Good idea…

    Apple TV currently has access to my “Music” (which is my iTunes library plus the iTunes Store) and “iTunes Radio,” but no Apple Music. Apple could do something similar, with the rumored new Apple TV. A NEW Apple TV comes with 6 months (or some period) of free Apple Music. And a software update at the same time for existing A5 Apple TV boxes, to access (and sign-up for) Apple Music.

    I think Apple could also do the “reverse” incentive plan, whenever the subscription “Internet TV bundle” is launched. For example, Apple TV is FREE with paid 12-month subscription to Apple’s Internet TV bundle (billed monthly).

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