Study claims cellphone radiation can cause cancer

“The scientists were right — your cell phone can give you cancer,” Meredith Engel reports for The New York Daily News. “There have long been whispers of a cancer connection from your cell — and a new study backs up the claims. ‘These data are a clear sign of the real risks this kind of radiation poses for human health,’ study author Igor Yakymenko said.

“But even though the risk of brain and related cancers is low — in 2012, there were 6.4 cases per 100,000 U.S. adults — Yakymenko says we should be on alert because ailments can take up to 30 years to develop,” Engel reports. “To minimize your risk, use your phone less and go hands-free to keep the frequency away from your head, Yakymenko said.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If true, thankfully, we hardly ever use our iPhones for actual cellular calls, so they’re never placed next to our heads.

As an aside, and especially for those in the U.S., have you ever noticed how many references to “cancer” you are bombarded with throughout the day? From pink ribbons on food containers, to TV shows, morning, noon, and night, radio, Web, newspapers, etc.? Count them. You might be surprised. You’ll likely lose track. It’s literally hundreds of times per day! “Cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer, cancer…” We’re all for “awareness,” and we’ve had close family affected with various cancers, but enough already (as we cover a “cancer” article, no less)!

Somebody, perhaps Igor, should do a study of whether or not being inundated with talk of cancer hundreds of times per day might actually cause or fuel it simply through the power of suggestion.

Oxidative mechanisms of biological activity of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation by Igor Yakymenko et al. is here.

U.S. watchdog calls for regulators to review of cell phone radiation rules – August 8, 2012
FCC’s Genachowski looks to open new inquiry into cellphone radiation emissions – June 16, 2012
New research doubts link between cellphones and cancer – July 5, 2011


  1. Quit smoking-proven to cause the commonest deadliest cancer (lung) in the developed world world as well as heart disease and many other ailments
    Your cell phone must be way way down the list

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  3. I’ve read so much about the health risks of the food we eat, the air we breathe, the beverages we drink, and the items we use in daily life, that I’ve decided to give up reading. 🖖😀⌚️

  4. I have been using my Apple Watch lately for almost all calls. Before that I have used the speaker on my iPhone 6+. Not from fear of cancer, just more convenient. I can hear the Watch very well without lifting it near my face. Wonder what kind of cancer I will get with my phone in my front pants pocket? Lead shorts?

    1. Perfect health is just “the slowest form of dying. Something will kill you in the end. 🙁
      Ps. As we live longer and longer we face a higher risk of dying from cancer.
      Just saying

  5. The study is wrong. Using statistics to determine facts, has been the bane of modern society.

    Name one instance that statistics has actually turned into fact and saved people’s lives. Correlation should always have a root cause, therefor trying to make life choices on a correlation, is like turning in your homework incomplete, or moving into a house without a foundation.

    6.4 cases out of 100,000, is lower than the error rate… (statistically speaking, /s)

    These cases could just as easily been a virus on the phone, causing an infection.

    Other wrong claims deduced from statistics…

    -Inoculations cause autism.
    -Diet soda makes you fat.
    -Microwave radiation cause cancer. (same as cellphone)
    -Microwave radiation reduce food nutrition.
    -Vitamins make you healthy, because modern food some how lost it’s normal dose of vitamins and minerals.
    -Organic food is more healthy than MGO crops etc.

    Cancer comes from errors in DNA reproduction. To generate errors, you have to damage the genome. “Break a tooth out of the zipper.” You must have ionizing radiation to do this, UV+.

    Microwave radiation has a lower energy level to visible light. We do know that visible light is safe.

    Other sources of cancer:

    -Bad genome reproduction, DNA that fails to make the correct tools or has a higher error rate tool creation.
    -Viruses that going and muck up the genome, cutting and pasting DNA in a way that causes errors.

  6. The increase in diagnosed brain cancer is exactly proration all to the increased number of MRI devices in hospitals. The increase in MRI scanners has been in the same time period as the development of cell phones. There is no reason to blame phones. There are just many more brains being scanned!

    1. It used to be called NMRI – nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. The “nuclear” scared people so they quickly renamed it. — Odd, that people weren’t similarly frightened by the name “X-rays”, which are considerably more damaging, requiring leaden shields. But I think I understand why one technology acronym led to popular hysteria and another was accepted as benign. It’s because X-rays were introduced around 1900, when science was widely regarded as a wonderful boon to humankind. By 2000, that perception had been corrupted and politicised, so that any new theories or technologies were viewed sceptically. Older, accepted ideas, like X-rays, remained in the public’s comfort zone.

  7. This wasn’t a real controlled study, but a meta analysis – a “study of studies” – made by combining previous studies. It is well known to be dependent on including good original studies. It is open to all sorts of “selection bias.” Garbage in, garbage out. In medicine, it is the category of study least worthy of giving any serious credence to. One of my favorite medical articles was “Meta analysis, Shmeta analysis.” The bottom line, this proves nothing.

    1. To be sure, it proves nothing—except that lots of people will react with alarm to certain stimuli—like provoking people’s inarticulate fear of unintended consequences, or their suspicion of the new—which are neatly bundled in this study, and unashamedly exploited by the newspaper.

  8. Anyone familiar with radio knows the human body absorbs RF energy. Only certain frequencies can cause actual damage. Which frequencies can damage DNA? Cellular frequencies run a huge range from 700 MHz to 2.5 GHz. Without specifying the frequency or frequencies that can damage genetic material, this study is as useful as a study that states that infrared can burn you.

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