Check out this Apple iMac running 25 operating systems concurrently

Think running two operating systems at the same time is clever? How about twenty-five?

Hypervisors or virtual machine monitors (VMM) are computer software, firmware or hardware that create and runs virtual machines.

While this demo has no practical purpose, it does help to illustrate how clean and efficient are VMware’s hypervisors.

Of course, VMWare makes one of the most widely-used software hypervisors for the Mac, Fusion Pro 7.


  1. I added BeOS to mine. I have pretty much everything he has, but not VMs within a VM. On certain CPUs you can run Tiger as a VM. Since I upgraded my Mac, though, that does not work anymore.

  2. Used to run Linux for PowerPC then Mac-on-Linux to access Mac resources. Then found a way to run Linux from Mac. Was weird to be able to run Mac OS from within Linux from within Mac OS.

    1. He points out early on that he’s running every version of OS X from the beta of 10.11 El Capitan back through to 10.5.x Leopard. If you’re a developer trying to keep track of backwards compatibility of your software, this is very useful. I’ve run into some developers who are testing on only one version of OS X, then depend on beta testers (me) to run the software on various other versions of OS X. That’s not the best of strategies.

      If one is developing for Linux on a Mac, one can run a variety of different Linux flavors for development testing as well.

      And so forth.

      But running them all at once? It’s TechnoGeek fun and folderol. It’s also a nifty demo of the power of 64-bit computing and VM technology.

    2. I seen alot of lag at times! Heck just running one VM taxes my system! The mac version sucks compared to the PC version, I’m surprised he got more than 3 running.

      1. I have run seven OSes on my Mac and not noticed it “sucking.” Frankly, the Mac system multitasks better than the Windows system. I’ve got plenty of RAM, do you? On the other hand, I bet you don’t know what you are talking about.

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