Apple TV points to much bigger ambitions for Apple Inc.

“Apple may generate nearly 70% of its revenue from the iPhone but the tech giant is still intent on winning the living room, a sign that its ambitions go much further than the device in your hands,” Chris Ciaccia reports for TheStreet.

“By combining functions such as gaming and home automation — in addition to changing the way people watch television — Apple TV could be an enormous opportunity for Apple, said Jackdaw Research analyst Jan Dawson,” Ciaccia reports. “‘So I think a new Apple TV and everything that’s likely to come with it in time will be a game-changer for Apple in the living room, finally moving the project beyond a hobby and making it much more appealing,’ Dawson said. While integrating Apple TV with HomeKit, the set-top box could control everything from lights, locks and other home functions, and keep people entrenched in the Apple ecosystem.”

“Apple will reportedly soon refresh its Apple TV set-top box, introducing a dedicated app store, Siri support as well as a software development kit (SDK), touch screen remote and new operating system,” Ciaccia reports. “The touch screen remote may be the most interesting part, according to Creative Strategies president Tim Bajarin, for the reason it would allow developer to get even more creative. The remote, which currently resembles an elongated iPod shuffle, could function more like a wireless mouse if Apple does indeed allow developers to create apps for the Apple TV.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In a few months, here’s hoping Apple TV will finally be all grown up!

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  1. Won’t help AAPL much if it does ever come. And we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. And as for the streaming service from Apple? And we’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and

    1. You don’t see the massive opportunity in wall-screen computers?

      Forget about traditional TV watching, think FaceTime room-sharing between homes, wall maps that respond to voice searches, your TV showing controls for your house, your calendar, etc. with voice and gesture commands.

      I.e. the one screen where computing can be done and a group can see what is going on is the TV.

      It is a HUGE $$$$ opportunity for new computing modes whether Apple ever sells screens or just sells the brains.

  2. I am beginning to doubt the day will come when you only pay for what you watch. I have found that there is life without television. Cable and satellite companies may have bled consumers to death with high fees and crappy service.

  3. > The touch screen remote may be the most interesting part…

    “Touch screen”? I doubt that the remote control will have a touch “screen.” It may be touch-based, like the track pad of a MacBook. A remote control is most usable when the user does not need to look at it; eyes stay on TV screen. Also, anything that uses so much power that it creates a need to plug in the remote control to a charger constantly will not happen; the remote control should run from its battery for months at a time. And Apple needs to keep the total cost of Apple TV low, to promote wide adoption. The recent price drop to $69 helped. The price may go back up to $99, but the remote control cannot be so fancy that it costs $99 by itself.

      1. The current Apple remote control is simple and not very memorable, but there’s nothing wrong with it. I can use it “by feel”; I don’t need to look at it to make sure I’m pressing the right button, like with my TV and cable remotes (with dozens of buttons). It’s battery lasts a long time (never replaced mine yet); I don’t ever think about its battery power, like with my iPhone. And it probably costs less than $10 to produce, since it’s included with a $69 Apple TV.

        It’s biggest detractor is that it’s so thin; gets lost easily. Apple needs to make the new one more functional, while keeping it ultra-efficient (for power usage) and (relatively) inexpensive to produce.

    1. I don’t see the need for a stand alone touch screen remote. There will be apps that run on your iPhone/Watch that do various things via Apple TV – especially for Homekit. Possibly with the actual TV monitor turned off. It could be the gateway to everything else like a router for appliances.

      But back to the remote thing… I made this little observation a few years back, and it cleared up any doubts I had about the current remote. Put it next to your cable or tv remote, then list the things your cable box does vs. the Apple TV. It’s totally backwards.

      My cable/tv remote has 42 buttons, and pretty much does three simple things. My Apple TV remote has what appears to be three buttons but is actually seven. It does so much more I’m not even going to attempt to list them.

      It’s all about looking at the tv screen, not the remote. Much like a mouse and a computer.

  4. I think Apple has basically told us what they’re going to do with television. Just look at Apple Music.

    Ignoring the warts of Apple Music for the moment; there’s a strong discovery algorithm, live streaming, your purchased stuff, and (supposedly) a platform where anyone can create content and easily distribute via the Apple platform (and connect to people who like it).

    Yes, Apple has some UI and some backend work to do on the music side, but think about those concepts applied to television/movie/games content. Would be compelling and possibly disruptive.

  5. It’s almost guaranteed to be called a failure long before Apple announces it like everything else Apple does. It’s just going to end up as another product to drive Apple’s share price down. Anything about Apple ends up being ridiculed. Pathetic. I don’t see why Apple is the only company who can’t control nonstop bad press to the point of outright lies.

    1. Thank Apple’s current spineless leadership for allowing the lies to propagate. Years of silence between product updates doesn’t help either, it just breeds more baseless speculation, which of course is what MDN amplifies most.

      1. Comcast, I mean CNBC has been in nonstop Apple hate mode these last few days. Their efforts surely have scared mom and pop into selling their AAPL shares.

        I thought Apple’s recently hired PR guy came from CNBC. Hopefully, Apple can find a PR warrior who will have enough balls to tell slime to fuck off.

  6. This what I been say all along. A ATV with a A8 with more onboard ram for apps, 802.11ac WiFi, BlueTooth 4, a gigabit ethernet port, HDMI, Digital sound, with a SDK and a App Store, with iOS 9 and everything new with that including the enhanced Siri, Stream TV (of course), integrate HomeKit in it, and a new touch remote will be a game changer to not only the Steaming box market, but to the Home Automation market and the game console market as well with one swoop. With this we can see the end of Nintendo, and rattle Sony an Microsoft as well. They will have to change their strategies to their gaming systems to include Home Automation. Imagine an Apple TV with a touch remote and different user profiles on it. Dad could be in to sports and have an account for that. Then Mom comes along and she is into cooking. get the remote and use the finger print reader and on the fly, it will switch to her profile and give her all the content of cooking. Their son is a gamer so he takes the remote puts his finger on it and starts Minecraft or (set by Parental controls) age appropate content on. The they all decide to go to the beach. With a simple finger print it will turn the alarm on. The if they go to dinner and it gets dark out, by preset controls by user, control lights in the house to show they are home. I just hope that they heard the cry of their customers and come out with a new ATV. It can be all of this and even more. They will release one because at WWDC I broke down and bought a new Gen 3 ATV. Every time I by something new out comes a better one. It is Murphy”s Law….lol

  7. I am hoping the bandwidth use will be dramatically reduced. I had not realized how much it took until I tested it recently. A local ISP recommends alternate streaming devices because of that high use…and some of them are Apple users. I’m not getting rid of my ATV, but I did have to increase my bandwidth (and pay more) to help stop the slow downs. It wasn’t enough. We have a big place with many bandwidth demands. I had not known that ATV was the biggest user grabbing everything it can get. (Would someone have a solution to that?)

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