UK Supreme Court allows Google to appeal ruling granting Apple Safari users the right to sue over ad tracking

“The UK’s Supreme Court has granted Google permission to appeal against a ruling giving Apple Safari users the right to sue the Chocolate Factory over its adbot tracking,” Kat Hall reports for The Register.

“Google had been accused of unfairly circumventing users’ privacy settings in Safari, allowing it to follow Safari users around the internet and show them tailored advertising,” Hall reports. “The Court of Appeal heard in May that Google had collected private information about users’ internet usage via the Apple Safari browser, without the users’ knowledge or consent by means of cookies. This was also contrary to Google’s stated position that such activity could not be conducted for Safari users unless they had expressly allowed it to happen.”

The court ruled that Apple users who picked up the stealth cookies between summer 2011 and spring 2012 should be allowed to sue the company in the UK,” Hall reports. “[UK’s Supreme Court] ordered that permission to appeal be granted on all grounds.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The saga continues.

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    1. For some time the majority voted he should let his views be known, not use Apple to promote. Methinks they’re letting it run until the “keep your views to yourself” crowd catches up. A running poll like this one doesn’t reflect anything, statistically.

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