Detroit-area teens charged with selling iPhone boxes filled with Play-Doh

“Three Detroit-area teenagers have been charged with selling fake new Apple iPhones to a local business that were made of Play-Doh modeling compound, police said on Tuesday,” Serena Maria Daniels reports for Reuters.

“The three male teenagers, plus a fourth who has not been charged but remains under investigation, on Thursday sold a Metro PCS store owner in Auburn Hills, outside Detroit, what appeared to be brand new iPhones still in the box and sealed with factory plastic, the Auburn Hills Police Department said,” Daniels reports. “When the owner opened the box, however, they were filled instead with Play-Doh bricks.”

“Police said the store owner called the teens back and arranged a second sale, and then contacted police,” Daniels reports. “The four men returned to the store on Saturday with ‘more phones,’ but fled before the deal was closed, police said. They were located and arrested shortly after that.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why was the MetroPCS store owner buying wrapped “iPhones” from some teenagers off the street?

iPad fraud: Boxes containing modeling clay sold in Canada – January 18, 2012


  1. re the MDN take: Presumably because he assumed they were stolen phones that he could buy cheap. And since he appears to be very willing to deal in stolen property, perhaps the police should do some additional investigating in his store while they’re there.

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