Beleaguered Microsoft’s Windows 9… er, ’10’ won’t save the struggling Windows PC industry

“The release of Microsoft Corp.’s new Windows 10 operating system — an event that in years past sparked a surge of computer buying — will do little to ease the four-year sales slump that’s been dogging the PC industry,” Ian King, Dina Bass, and Jack Clark report for Bloomberg.

“Component makers from Micron Technology Inc. to Intel Corp. aren’t factoring in a jump in demand in their forecasts, and there are few signs of consumer excitement for new PCs around the release,” King, Bass, and Clark report. “On the eve of the Windows 10 release, the consumer-gadget market has long since shifted away from Microsoft. As more people use mobile devices, much of the storage and data crunching that once happened in desktops and laptops is now being handled by programs accessed via the Web. Microsoft is trying to make Windows more like Google Inc.’s Android and Apple Inc.’s iOS, and by offering the software as a free upgrade for existing PCs, it’s removing the impetus for many consumers to buy a new computer.”

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft is trying to make Windows more like Android? How, by increasing fragmentation and opening it to even more malware? Or by marketing it to ignorant cheapskates? Losing money by losing control of the platform? Naming it after desserts? How?

Don’t include Google in the same breath as Apple.

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:
Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

King, Bass, and Clark report, “‘It’s hard to imagine people rushing out to buy new machines,’ said Steve Kleynhans, an analyst at Gartner Inc. ‘I just can’t see anything about a new PC or a new operating system that will drive massive new sales.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, is Underwood gearing up to release a new typewriter, too?

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  1. My wife loves the new commercial for Windows 10 (after a few viewings, she was still unsure what the commercial was for, though), since it includes babies. Apparently, a lot of people respond very well to babies, and the ad agency likely knew this.

    How effective it would be to attract the defectors to Mac back to the MS side, or to even hold onto the existing users, I’m not so sure.

            1. Shutup. That argument is an old yawner. Read what I wrote and deal with it. Tough luck if you don’t like me being lazy and using caps instead of italics or bold. That’s just how I felt like writing it at the time. Cry over it.

    1. It convinced me to take a look and I’m impressed. When will Apple get around to implementing some of these features? They need to do something about the dying iPad market? Is Apple really hedging their entire future on just iPhone? I want a touchscreen Mac. I want a digital pen! I want real multitasking on my tablet! It is 2015…is this too much to ask? And why can Microsoft do it?

    1. What’s there to be excited about as Microsoft gasps out another misguided and desperate OS effart? Windows in itself is no longer a product that can excite or motivate consumer enthusiasm. It’s 2015, not 1995 anymore.

    1. Many Enterprise customers are using Windows 7 and probably have no plans to move to another version for at least a couple years or more, some are still moving from XP of all things, even though its been support dead for months.. So I don’t see any rush for corporate environments to move to Win10 for a long time.

      1. Yeah I agree with you. My work is planning on moving to windows 10 but it will be a good 18-24 months down the road.

        We are all Win7 and OS-X Lion currently.

  2. Windows 10 will be good for the industry.

    It may not be good for Mac sales but it will give Apple a strong reason to keep innovating.

    After evaluating Windows 10, the competition between Windows and Mac is back. (There has been no real competition since the early days of XP.)

    Apple time to step up your game. Fix iWorks, iLife and OSX.

  3. Microsoft says Windows 10 is “forever.” There will be no Windows 11, because they will keep incrementally upgrading Windows 10 indefinitely. Gee, that sounds familiar… just replace “10” with “X.” It seems Microsoft just can’t help copying Apple; it’s in Microsoft’s “DNA.” (But Apple did not skip a number to get to version 10.) And when they tried to go a different direction, they got the Windows 8 kludge, which caused the ongoing PC industry slump.

  4. When Windows 10 hits the net for download on Wednesday July 29th it will be NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME and chaos will ensue. I’ve been playing with the Technical Preview for months. I think Microsoft has hit a new low, a new level of desperation with Windows 10 in its current form. It will drive people nuts.

    Want a couple examples? Here you go!

    1) What is ‘Settings’ vs ‘Control Panel’? Beats me! Microsoft doesn’t know either! They gave up figuring it out. You’ve got BOTH in Win 10. There will be blood.

    2) Cortana is a bumbling, self-short circuiting mess on Windows. IF she recognizes what you’re saying to her, she may well give you the WRONG response. Either way, you’ll wish her dead. They’ve got A LOT of work to do on her as of yet.

    IOW: Guaranteed customer DIS-satisfaction. Welcome to the bleeding edge, infected with the rabies virus. If you want to leap into Windows 10 and expect to be productive, so sorry! You will be sad and dejected instead. 😥 (;_;)

      1. Actually, I think this is wishful thinking. I have been testing the Windows 10 Preview and it is very solid and it is ready for prime time. I know us Apple fanatics are hoping for a train wreck, but you have to be realistic. Windows 10 is pretty darn fantastic…and there are some cool features that I hope will eventually find its way into both iOS and OSX.

          1. Nokia was not even the first phone acquisition that ended up being written off, under Balmer. Remember “Kin,” the end result of acquiring the “Sidekick” phone maker. Sidekick was actually successful and popular with its users, before Microsoft took over. In the end, Microsoft almost intentionally sabotaged Kin with bad marketing because it competed with the soon to be released Windows Phone platform. Dysfunctional Microsoft at its best… 🙂

      1. I already linked to that article. It’s somewhere on the page. I was listening today to a computer security podcast discussing a giant security hole Microsoft built into Window 8.1 that they are now turning on BY DEFAULT in Windows 10:

        It’s called “Wi-Fi Sense“. We’re going to be hearing A LOT about it. It’s a nightmare made real. It’s Microsoft at their most utterly irresponsible. Leo Laporte called it ‘Ease Of Use Gone Too Far.’ – – I’d add a link, but I’ve used up my two for this thread already.

        Summary: It distributes your Wi-Fi network password to ALL your social media group members. ALL. And again, it’s on by default in Windows 10.

        The point is supposed to be to allow all your ‘friends’ to drop by within the vicinity of your Wi-Fi signal and immediately log in as a guest on your LAN. This means anyone friended on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Skype,, blahblahblah. Wonderful, eh?

        Not a soul in the computer security community considers this a sane idea.

    1. Clearly everyone is an apple but munch. Yes Windows 10 isn’t finished and it’s buggy but it’s to be expected from a new OS. Eventually the OS will be perfected. You guys are full of shit as well as the article writer.

      1. NO phillip. It is NOT expected that a new OS, literally being shoved and pestered upon all Windows 7 and 8 user, will:
        – Have a default gaping security hole
        – Have a voice recognition and response service that does not work
        – Have the users in total confusion as to what is the difference between ‘Settings’ and ‘Control Panel.

        But don’t take my prescient word for it. Cook up some popcorn and WATCH THE MAYHEM ENSUE as of this Wednesday. It’s going to be a mess that will include a lot of people pointing out that you are quite wrong.

        AND, you really need to know who you’re talking to. Since when is MDN the Apple munch website? You’re going to see more Apple criticism here than just about anywhere else on the Internet. Why? Because we CARE about Apple and INSIST the it remain the greatest company on the planet, dammit. Or is that concept too foreign to Microsoft munchers?

  5. N: Imagine. These kids won’t have to remember passwords.
    TTT: You mean like today’s adults?
    N: Or obsess about security.
    TTT: I have yet to meet a computer user who understands security, let alone obsesses about it.
    N: For them, every screen is meant to be touched.
    TTT: It always has been. How many TV screens and monitors throughout the decades have little kid hand prints on them by “Wasn’t me!”
    N: And web pages are meant to be scribbled on and shared.
    TTT: I agree. Most web pages do like like crap, but we share them anyway. Sometimes for that very reason.
    N: They’ll expect their devices to listen to them.
    TTT: You can hear me? Where are you?
    (W: I’m in the house. :P)
    N: And talk. And sing. And tell a funny joke.
    TTT: Welcome back, Talking Moose.
    N: And as they grow and get better at things, the technology will too. They’ll do things their parents never even dreamed of.
    TTT: Like what? Run anti-virus scans over and over and over? Oh, you mean defrag? No? OOooooooh. How about using that brand new “Start Menu” button. Oh, yeah… no. So, like what?
    N: ‘Cause these kids will grow up with Windows 10.
    TTT: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10. Microsoft. Teaching kids to count!™
    N: The future starts now. For all of us.
    TTT: The future includes a brand new Start Menu and windowed windows – BOTH TOUTED AS FEATURES. Sounds more like the past to me. And, no, just for the still-unenlightened.
    N: Get started today.
    N: Windows 10 – a…
    TTT: …Who needs a f’ing 9?™

    1. M$ logic – if you start counting at zero, ie, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, then 9 is the 10th number. Never mind that there never was a zero version of Windoze, just go with it. 🖖😀⌚️

        1. Funny thing is Win95 and Win98 are actually the reason for skipping the Win9 name.. There are commercial programs that looked at the internal OS name and took just the first 4 characters (‘WIN9′) to check if it was running on either Windows 95 or Windows 98. To avoid confusion for programs that used that method (apparently a significant number) Windows just skipped to ’10’.

  6. I hope it comes out with 12 Versions.

    Ver 1: Windows Bare Essentials (only 512kb of Space needed)

    Ver 2: Windows Super Stupid Over The Top Deluxe Gold Master Edition ( only 1TB of Space needed for minimum installation, 2TB for full ridiculous experience.

    I can’t wait!!! 😀

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