Apple Watch after 3 months: It’s still personal

Via Macworld:

The night before the Apple Watch launched, April 23, I found myself at a gas station, filling up my Subaru. I had left my iPhone in the car’s cupholder, so while I stood there listening to the gas rush into the tank, I wasn’t looking at Instagram or Twitter, or checking my notifications, or taking another stab at a tricky level in Two Dots. I just stood there.

I noticed how the evening sky faded from pink to purple. I took a deep breath. I wondered if this evening would wind up being notable, the Last Day Susie Didn’t Have an Apple Watch — if after I had strapped on the smartwatch, moments like this would find me poking at whatever would make my wrist computer so engrossing? Would I annoy my family, alienate acquaintances, and stop noticing the mundane glory of a color-changing sky?

I needn’t have worried.

After three months of wearing the Apple Watch, things are more or less the same as they were on April 23. I’m still strapping on my Apple Watch every day, and it’s made a significant difference in a few areas of my life, but it hasn’t turned out to be another screen fighting for my attention. It’s still got unrealized potential, but I’m glad to wear it, and I’m sticking with it. So are the rest of my colleagues here at Macworld, but for different reasons—read on for our impressions of the Apple Watch on its three-month milestone.

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MacDailyNews Take: What we’d give for a screen (or – gasp! – a website; might we suggest that would allow us to display our total running mileage for the month. On our iPhones, the mileage total does not change even when we tap month, or day, or week in the Health app. The mileage number just sits there unchanging. We’ve searched a bit for the fix. Nothing helpful, so far. Does anybody know what’s going on? Are we missing something? Do we need a reset?

Otherwise, you can have our Apple Watches when you pry them off our cold dead wrists.

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  1. Off-topic, sorry: I am reading MDN for many years, and I always wanted to ask to change their use of pronouns from plural to singular — apparently, there is no amount of time for me to accommodate to that.

    Can you please do it (for the sake of my sanity)?

      1. Any MDN take, including to this article. I wish more “I” would be used instead of “we”, because it is unlikely that everything what happens in such descriptions would always exactly replace on more than one AW, iPhone or everything else.

        1. That’s a journalistic/organizational conceit that has been used by entities for generations. I would suggest that you try to adjust, since it is has been an acceptable style since long before Apple or anyone alive now existed.

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