Apple Watch: A brilliant addition to my life

“I knew I wanted an Apple Watch since I first saw it announced it last September,” Mrs. Ritchie writes for iMore. ”

“My son has told the story already, but when he called to let me know he was flying home from the event, I told him I was replaying the Apple Watch video again,” Ritchie writes. “Seeing it demonstrated on stage led me to believe it would prove quite useful for in my daily life. Little did I know just how much!”

“It’s gotten to the point that I make sure I put my Apple Watch on first thing every morning, before anything else,” Ritchie writes. “I’m really pleased Apple made it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats on your Apple Watch, Mrs. Ritchie! We’re in love with ours, too!

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  1. Apple Watch is geek wear, the modern incarnation of the Casio calculator watch. Precious metals and fancy bands cannot disguise the fact that you’ve got a geeky little computer strapped to your arm.
    Apple Watch will be popular for a while, while it is novel and relatively rare. Once there is a critical mass of people wearing these things, the general perception will turn against Apple Watch (and all computer watches). If you wear a computer watch, you’ll be considered to be 1) a geek, and 2) a clone of everyone else wearing a computer watch.
    Of course, this is the opposite pattern of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. The difference is personal style and fashion. It does not matter how functional something is, if it is perceived to be uncool. Computer watches, and by extension Apple Watch, will come to be perceived as uncool. Watch and see.

    1. Or, perhaps, people stopped wearing the Casio calculator watches because they didn’t innovate in 30 years? Go online and look at the latest Casio calculator watch (yes they still make them). It’s identical to the version from 1985. Same interface, same capabilities, same style. If they had innovated every year, making it thinner, sexier, adding more features, like Apple is going to, then it wouldn’t have gotten stale and died.

      As Apple Watch gets more and more useful and can do more and more things without having to take your phone out of your bag/pocket, there’s going to be more reasons to wear them, not fewer.

    2. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… for many the AW serves a critical, and welcomed place in our lives, though this may not be true for everyone it must be acknowledged that such is the case. I believe that as people overcome their initial bias, first toward Apple, then toward the idea of a wrist worn assistant, things will change. As people warm to the idea of an unobtrusive, useful, attractive smart wearable it will become as normal as eyeglasses…. not everyone needs them, but they do serve a welcome function, that most who use them are not willing to leave them behind.

  2. Reason to buy a smart watch:
    1. It tells time
    2. It comes with a variety of wrist bands
    3. Wrist bands are comfortable
    4. It’s like wearing a small iPhone
    5. It may make you healthier
    6. You may just feel better about yourself for buying one

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