Apple Macs gain even more share against Microsoft Windows PCs

“The PC market is expected to contract in the high-single-digit percentage range,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “However, one company that seems to be bucking that trend is Apple. Last quarter, Apple reported seeing its Mac unit shipments rise by 10%, with revenue up 2%, and in the company’s most recent quarter, it saw Mac unit shipments and revenue surge 9%.”

“Given how weak the overall PC market is, this is a clear indication that Apple continues to gain share against systems running Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows operating system,” Eassa writes. “If I had to place a bet at this point, I would say that Windows 10 in itself probably won’t do much to fundamentally improve the market segment share of Windows-based devices relative to the MacBooks.”

Eassa writes, “Apple has done a fantastic job executing with the Mac. Mac OS is, in my view, a well-designed, PC-first operating system. The Macs themselves, too, are well built and highly functional.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Behold, Apple’s indomitable Macintosh.

The cream always rises to the top.


    1. There is nothing wrong with a Windows user or a Windows machine. The OS is way better than it used to be and much more stable.
      I hate Apple bashing. This is just the same thing but pointed in a different direction.

  1. I agree that OSX is far beyond any version of Windows, but, in my opinion, the increase in hardware sales is due mostly to the dissatisfaction of cheaply made plastic laptops filled with crapware and virus traps.

    1. In the Windows world, those things are features, not bugs. It goes to show how some people think they can keep peeing on us and claim that it’s raining. Using a computer should be largely pleasurable, not a chore.

  2. I don’t care if Steve Jobs said that Computers will be like trucks and eventually just farmers will have one. I will became a farmer as long as I keep using Macs 🙂
    Those are a damn luxury and powerful trucks. That will be my Bentley truck.

    1. Steve may well turn out to be wrong…. at least in for foreseeable future. I love my iPad and my iPhone, but there are still a lot of computing tasks that are better left to a desktop or portable computer, and of course a lot of us still like to have a nice big screen to view our content on.

    1. Never mind toothpaste, clothes, snacks, water, sunscreen or anything else.
      Pack Apple electronics first – very slowly and deliberately. Double-check. And again. And again. And again. Once that is done, throw in a few shirts and you’re good to go.

  3. Microsoft and Windows 8 are mostly responsible for the ongoing PC industry slump. It’s no coincidence that the start of its downturn coincided with the released of Windows 8. Some “experts” claim Windows 8 was hampered by the slumping PC industry; they have it backwards. Most Windows users (including enterprise customers) simply do not want to upgrade to new hardware that comes with Windows 8, and delay as long as possible (or “get a Mac”).

    1. Most of the huge number of Winblows PCs are glorified typewriters, with a few VERY simple tasks like email, Facebook, or, in the work environment, VERY simple data entry and retrieval. There’s simply no reason to upgrade them.

      1. That’s actually the point, and a key reason for the PC industry slump. Before Windows 8, cheap machines could be replaced with newer cheap machines, to do those “glorified” simple tasks. Windows 7 was not so different from previous Windows, and certainly better than Vista and ancient XP; there was no “extra motivation” to keep using old hardware, and getting a new PC is the way many Windows users upgrade their OS.

        Windows 8 forced users to make doing those simple things more complex and annoying, with “touch first” nonsense aimed at tablet customers. It forced PC makers to offer more expensive PCs because they needed to have a touch-screen to be fully functional. Therefore, customers delayed their hardware upgrades. They did not want Windows 8, so they did not routinely upgrade their hardware to get it. Google’s “Chrome” laptops became more successful as the low-cost option, and Apple benefits by convincing a steady percentage to become first-time Mac users every year.

        After all, old-school Windows users will feel more “at home” using the latest OS X Yosemite (and upcoming El Capitan), compared to Windows 8. That should be the slogan for a new Mac ad campaign. “Welcome home, to Macintosh.”

        1. That last is actually a brilliant slogan, and I hope Apple picks up on it (and rewards you!) I feel that you have touched on the real reason for Microsoft’s plummet. The old familiar UI had sufficed, but their new designs discomfited users without adding anything desireable.

  4. People are beginning to realize that a PC purchased today will be obsolete in 2-3 years. My Mac Mini bought in 2006 and treated to a hybrid drive is still a very usable computer. It has outlasted three PC’s. My family finally went all Mac this past year. Because my child’s school work required a PC (thank you Houghton Mifflin!) to access on line lessons, we keep a PC around. It was a custom built rig with all state of the art parts three years ago. Today it crawls and sputters and the browser is so cluttered, it is annoying to use.

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