Horace Dediu: ‘There is no reliable information on Apple Watch sales’

“It seems reasonable that US online orders could have declined from their early, hype-fueled and pent-up levels,” Dan Frommer writes for Quartz. “Not that we’d know. ‘There is no reliable information on Apple Watch sales,’ long-time mobile industry analyst Horace Dediu writes. And Apple has already announced that it would not immediately disclose quarterly watch shipments.”

“One source — Slice Intelligence, the company whose e-commerce shopping receipt data is cited in most preliminary reports — has seen a drop in orders,” Frommer writes. “But that is simply one estimated measurement, from one unproven source, for one country.”

MacDailyNews Take: And, for online sales only, to boot.

Frommer writes, “And as Dediu notes, as the Apple Watch is increasingly available in Apple retail stores and other retail outlets, the share of total orders placed via Apple’s website seems likely to decrease. ‘To see US-only online purchases drop after a period of pent-up demand and as store inventory becomes available is not interesting and says almost nothing about the product’s performance.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’ll certainly be interesting to see the revenue total in Apple’s “other” category when they report Q315 results next week.

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    1. Can’t wait ’til Tuesday’s financial report. The art of the big reveal without a big reveal. This will be Tim Cook’s biggest entertainment value moment. How does he brag about sales without bragging about sales? This has got to be one of the most amazing verbal tricks ever attempted by a CEO in corporate history.🎉💥😱⌚️😜😍

  1. In my world the Apple Watch buzz has been pretty much nil. But the people here are going ho so there hope. Still, no one has even sued Apple over the Apple Watch yet right? Someone must have invented some frivolous law suit by now. I don’t count the one over the name iWatch. That’s just too stupid ad desperate to count.

    1. Pretty darn well, must be a holiday from taking lies though one could split hairs with this :“There is no reliable information on Apple Watch sales,”

      Actually I suspect that there is. I have no doubt that Apple is keeping track of the numbers of Apple Watch sales, but that’s really just conjecture on my part.

  2. So where are all you slobbering, knee jerk, gloating Apple Hating doofuses out there now with your watch doom ‘n gloom based on utterly faulty information?

    Shove it up your disingenuous arse you bunch of ne’re-do-well panty-waist trolls and eat your big plate of crow – which you must be used to by now.

  3. Here’s and idea. Someone ask Slice what their iPhone estimates are. With a higher volume compare to the Apple Watch, their statistics should be MUCH better. Then compare with next week’s official reports, or even with current analyst estimates.

  4. What the fandroids won’t talk about says a lot. Android smart watches have been limited to the phones they connect to. The first Samsung watch would only connect to their top phone market. They were very tech looking and large. They were for a rich, geeky, males; a very small market. The Apple Watch can connect to all the phones they sale, plus one they discontinued. They are pleasing to three sexes (trains included) geek, athlete and fashionable. Their potential market is huge. Android knows their in trouble because they ignored most of their customers.

    I wish Tim would mention the sales just to shut the others up.

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