The iPod is outperforming the Apple Watch – in Google searches, as new iPods debut, ten months after Apple Watch was unveiled

“It’s hard to believe, but people care more about the veteran iPod than the brand new Apple Watch,” Ananya Bhattacharya reports for CNN. “A search on Google Trends comparing five of Apple’s products– iPod, Macbook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch– reveals that people are searching for the Watch far less than any of the other Apple products.”

“The company’s first new gadget in five years– the first since Steve Jobs died– could turn out to be a bad apple (excuse the pun),” Bhattacharya reports. “With Apple keeping mum about Watch sales figures, Google Trends and e-receipt data is the little hard evidence we have to judge performance. Just last week, Slice Intelligence reported a 90% decline in Apple Watch orders since its launch from a snapshot of 2.5 million online U.S. users’ e-mail receipts.”

“Talking heads about Apple Watch sales are plenty but Apple remains mum. Its figures are the only accurate figures out there and it won’t release Apple Watch sales any time soon,” Bhattacharya reports. “Now whether that’s to avoid competitors getting access to sales figures, as CEO Tim Cook claims, or because Apple too has low expectations is a mystery.”

“What’s behind the low interest?” Bhattacharya reports. “People may just not be so interested in wearables, which is a tiny market compared to smartphones, PCs, tablets and other more established gadgets.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What a joke CNN is. This load of absolute horseshit is simply a concoction designed to allow for CNN to once again repeat the interminably recycled FUD based on meaningless Slice data.

Here’s what the Google Trends search data actually says, iPod vs. Apple Watch, ten months after Apple Watch was revealed and after weeks of iPod rumors leading up to yesterday’s debut of the new iPod touch:

Google search trends for Apple Watch and iPod, September 2014 - July 2015
Google search trends for Applel Watch and iPod, September 2014 – July 2015

That – that! – is the basis for this CNN “report.”

Each day we mourn a bit more for the long, lost profession of accurate, unbiased journalism. The CNN hit-whores should be ashamed.

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    1. This surprises no one, as the iPod is a much better product, lol.

      You would be hard pressed to find a product in history that is worse than this piece of crap!

      If I had to list all of the things that are wrong with the Apple Watch, I would have a 450 page manuscript on my hands.

      If I had to denote each error that Tim Cook made as CEO, the set would come as a trilogy!

      Everything he touches turns to utter crap.

      1. I don’t really want to embarrass you in front of your MDN friends but that 450 page knock on the Watch, you may as well wipe your ass with it. That’s the only use you will ever have with it.

        Seriously, the only utter crap around here comes from your Samsung laptop.

      2. Hey… Is this JACKS HIT !!!!!!!!
        I thought it might be you! You always sound like a cheap NEGATIVE ad.
        LOL! Say did you ever finish 6 th grade? I remember you having such trouble there.

        To everyone… I introduce JACK S HIT! Professionally BAD blogger.


  1. I think half of Apple Watch’s “fun” doesn’t happen till enough people have them to interact with each other. That will be a tipping point where sales really climb. It takes two to tango.

  2. What utter BS!!!! Every time I walk into my local Apple Store, the biggest crowds, besides the Genius Bar, are around the Watch tables. The excitement is real, and it is verifiable.

    I myself own two Watches, and am lining up a third. And with the band options, I can mix and match whatever and whenever I want. I LOVE MY APPLE WATCHES!!!!! And I suspect many, many others do too.

    CNN…….you’re a great collections of morons. Keep it up!

  3. If you want to compare the Apple Watch to the iPod, the iPod’s first year sales was 600,000 units. In other words, less than 3 months into the Apple Watch’s first year, it has already achieved about 9-times the number of iPods sold in its first year, and will likely reach about 30 (or more) TIMES the number of iPods sold in first year sales!!!

  4. Why does CNN even exist anymore. One channel does perpetual reruns of Forensic files. The other just incessantly covers the disaster of the week for months and the latest white on black and cop on black killings.

  5. There are many people who aren’t driven to excellence and find it much more easy to find someone (or some company) who is and try to pull them down to their low values. The reason Apple is so successful is this continual striving for excellence. The reason that Apple is a target for those who aren’t successful is that they want to look better by showing Apple’s perceived failures.

    Come on people, rise above mediocrity and also strive for excellence. Everyone remembers Babe Ruth’s home run record but few realize how often he struck out. For the few products that Apple created but weren’t hits, they created so many more fantastic ones. Apple Watch is the right product at the right time. Quit being so petty people, by trying to pull it down to your own level of failure.

  6. I can’t wait for Apple to finally reveal Apple Watch sales data. Probably first quarter 2016 after Apple execs paid for all those Christmas and Hanukah gifts in 2015.

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