Affinity Photo image editing app for Mac: ‘Highly recommended’

“Over the last month or two I have been looking at pre-release versions of Affinity Photo and I like what I see,” Graham K. Rogers writes for eXtensions. “The application has now been released and I downloaded this a day or so ago for the introductory price of $39.99 from the Mac App Store.”

“The application has so many options that a summary like this does little justice to the hard work of the developers: Serif (Europe). I am aware, for example, of the several month pre-release testing that went on. The way in which this works is basic enough for someone who has limited knowledge of working with higher level graphics editing, but has enough strong tools for someone who needs a more sophisticated application,” Rogers writes. “Affinity Photois a welcome addition to the list of applications available for image editing – giving users an extra choice – and is highly recommended.”

Read more, and see the screenshots, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like another strong Mac app from the formerly Windows-only developer, Serif. Very good to see!

Mac image editors: Download the free Affinity Photo beta, we think you’ll like it – February 11, 2015
After 25-years as a Windows-only developer, Serif unveils its first ever Mac product – free beta available now – July 26, 2014


      1. Do you happen to know if Affinity works with the pressure-sensitive pen support in the Air Display 3 app? (So you can draw into a photo with a pressure-sensitive stylus on your iPad?)

        1. ask San Serif

          I love what San Serif is doing – I have to admit Designer is fantastic. It takes a bit of getting use to but the learning curve is short. Photo, actually uses similar key strokes and commands to that used in Photoshop. I am still debating the purchase of Photo though, as I have and use Pixelmator.

  1. I wasn’t using Affinity Photo during the beta testing period, but I bought it the day it was released and have been using it a little. Very rough around the edges is what I would say so far. It behaves like beta software. The cropping tool is especially flaky. Hopefully things will improve as time goes on.

  2. Affinity Designer just won an Apple Design award so Affinity (Serif) is doing excellent work on the Mac.

    Affinity Photo App Store Rating: 5 Stars with 127 reviews.

    Affinity Designer App Store Rating: 4.5 Stars with 424 reviews.

    As a beta tester I have been playing with this app for several months. Is the app perfect? No, however, it is better than anything else on the Mac with the exception of Photoshop.

    I expect this app will give Adobe quite a run for their money. Affinity is already hard at work on improvements that will be released in the form of free updates.

    Affinity Designer after a few free updates is a competitor to Adobe. Photo after a few fixes and users requests will also be a strong Adobe competitor.

  3. It that true MDN, that Serif was a Windows only developer before?

    Note, these two applications are Mac only.
    Pixalmator is still fantastic, yet I believe Serifs’ Affinity Photo has far more pro level options.

  4. I wanted to love Affinity Photo, but just try using layers with it. Sadly, its layers support just sucks. Once you get into selecting/moving things, you can see that the tool falls apart. Nudging or moving a layer doesn’t move its contents, but the whole canvas. Arrrghghgh! You might try Photoline ( instead. It’s much more mature.

    1. Agreed.
      I’m one of the few pros who refuse to support Adobe’s greedy CC power grab.
      So I tried AP, gave up on its highly convoluted and unnecessarily complex UI. The layer flaw is just one of a number of reasons I’m installing an older version of Ps and getting Radio Silence ($9) to stop it calling home.

      I applaud the effort and hope many, many people buy it and finance robust updates. IPTC support for one……

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