Why Apple Music is worth every penny

Apple’s new Music “app first asks what genres and artists you like. By tapping in your preferences, you essentially create a virtual music nerd, ready to recommend you things based on its encyclopedic knowledge and library of 30 million songs,” Hardeep Phull writes for The New York Post.

“You’re instantly given dozens of playlists to dip into,” Phull writes. “The more you listen, the more the service gets to know your tastes. Also sweetening the deal is Beats 1, a radio service programmed by a variety of experts, such as ex-BBC DJ Zane Lowe and hip-hop don Ebro. Beats 1 is alone worth the monthly fee, even if it’s a more haphazard way of finding new sounds.”

“There’s nothing to lose by taking advantage of the service’s three-month free trial,” Phull writes. “But the truth is, even after the free sample, you probably won’t want to lose your nerdy new friend.”

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  1. If one’s musical tastes are limited to the popular and the trendy and the marketable, then, sure, Beats1 makes some sense. Otherwise, no. I’ve always been in pursuit of music, and talent, with no commercial potential. In fact, that was a radio show I used to listen to here in Boston all the time. Great music, great knowledge, great selection. No pandering to commonalities or tin pan alley. Apple Music is not such a place.

    1. I prefer Classical Music and already have what I like. I have good speakers and enjoy playing it through iTunes. I have listened to the classical radio a few times but I prefer choosing what I want to hear. For me, there is nothing for me in the streaming service even if it were free. I can see how this is wonderful for others and have no complaint with the service.
      Different strokes for different folks!

  2. Heck, when I signed up and put in the genres I wanted it ended up giving me almost everything except what I wanted. I find it rather non-intuitive, but I haven’t really messed with it much. Kinda doubt that I will subscribe after the 3 month trial, but maybe I’m an exception.

    1. I thought so too, then I tried something on the computer. You can select more like this, never this song, etc. The system started getting the picture very quickly.

      Not sure how to do on iPhone.

      1. I just checked – you’re right! That sucks, but there’s still more than enough other stuff to warrant the cost of admission. (in my case – and probably yours 2ndmate – that would not include Beats1)

    1. clearly a service for the lowest common denominator…..I have my own eclectic taste in music and rarely does iTunes provide similar. So it’s a service for the unwashed masses then, good luck with that Apple….always the one to think different, not.

  3. I’ve added about 50 albums of music I wouldn’t have even known about to my playlists. It’s so easy to discover and check out music related to artists you already know about. They’ve turned out to be excellent. So that’s $10 – or nothing at the moment but assuming I continue – for $500 of iTunes store purchases in effect. Bargain of the century. And in the future, unlimited music of all kinds for my collection. You have to suss out how it works by clicking on everything that’s clickable… it’s hardly intuitive but it works, and then you get the hang of it. But what’s on offer is incredible.

  4. I Just made my third playlist in a week. The first playlist started with a tune, which was released a few years ago by The Decemberists. Then I followed that diddy with the similar music recommendations and filled-out the rest of the playlist. Most songs were from 2006, and this surprised me because during that time I was listening to thousands of songs every week and never heard any of the Apple Music recomendations before.

    The second playlist was derived from the “For You” section and also included a few cuts from one of the Pitchfork playlists. This list contains a mix of both new and old stuff. And the third playlist was made by listening to tracks from Apple’s top hits sections, which is all new music.

    So, over the past week I have spent several hours navigating the app and listening to a lot of music. As I stated in previous posts, there are a lot of quirks in the software. For example, there is no way to navigate to an album via a playlist published on Apple Music. The name of the band/artist has to be typed-in and searched. This is a PITA, but even worse is losing the playlist, especially if it’s in some level never explored before. Secondly, songs must be added to your music collection before they can be added to a playlist. I thought I had created a playlist, but half the songs were missing, and since I listen to parts of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of songs to make an interesting playlist, trying to remember all the songs and their order in the list was a freak-out moment. Luckily, there is a list of all the songs heard buried in the app, so all was not lost.

    The bottom line is there are frustrating moments navigating Apple Music, but there is A LOT of cool music that I have never heard before and the avenue for discovering music keeps updating. I’m becoming addicted and now feel the urge to make another killer playlist!

    1. “For example, there is no way to navigate to an album via a playlist published on Apple Music.”
      Tap on the three dots. In the upcoming window tap on the picture of the album cover in the top left.

      1. Sorry for not clarifying. There is no way to navigate to an album from a published playlist in Apple Music – iOS on an iPhone. There is an option “Show in iTunes Store”, which does navigate to the album the song is on in iTunes, but not Apple Music. There should be an option, “Show Album” which navigates the user to the album within Apple Music. In addition, after listening to a few tracks on the album the back button should let the user navigate all the way back to the playlist.

        1. Can’t help but it works both on my iPhone 6 and my iPad Air. Not as an option but with a tap on the album icon in the top left I get access to the whole album.

          1. Wow, found it. Thanks. It’s confusing because that element does not appear like the rest of the options. Plus, the back button is active which is excellent. Thanks again! 👍🏻

    2. ” Secondly, songs must be added to your music collection before they can be added to a playlist.”
      I have no problems adding songs directly to a playlist. But only to playlists I created. If I add to a playlist it is added to my music collection at the same time.

      1. The first playlist I created had no issues. All the songs were there and in the correct order. The second playlist created did not contain some of the songs in the playlist. I tested the third playlist and the first couple of songs were not added to the playlist. To get it into the playlist the “Add to My Music” had to be selected first and then “Add to Playlist”. iPhone 6 Plus, Verizon, 8.4

  5. Have signed up for the three month trial, have used it once.. in every probability will not be signing up for paid subscription. Not a big fan of subscription service definitely not of the paid subscription.

      1. Your vinyl and cassettes wore out, and so you bought digital. So did I. But the digital will NEVER wear out. Why should you pay again after that?

        And THAT is why the music labels have worked so hard to convince everyone to rent their music. Very P.T. Barnum of them.

  6. I should have added, that it is just more bloatware from Apple. As if they don’t already force you into having all the garbage on you iPhone that you can’t delete and if you do you void the fracking warranty. I was considering buy another iPhone but Apple is really starting to be another jerk-off Microsoft.

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