New iPhone 6s images show updated NFC, 16GB base storage, fewer chips and design tweaks

“Our look at the upcoming ‘iPhone 6s’ continues today with a discussion of new internal components that are expected to be inside Apple’s latest smartphone,” Mark Gurman repots for 9to5Mac.

“In addition to expected changes such as a Force Touch display, upgraded camera system, and new Qualcomm LTE chip for up to twice-as-fast data speeds, the next iPhone will likely include updated NFC hardware, fewer and more efficient chips, and new flash memory that may nonetheless remain at a 16GB minimum capacity,” Gurman reports. “These conclusions are based upon new images showing a prototype of the next iPhone’s logic board, as well as a joint analysis undertaken by 9to5Mac and Chipworks.”

Gurman reports, “It appears that Apple could launch its next iPhone in a 16GB starting capacity, serving as an option priced below higher 64GB and 128GB options.”

Read more, and see the many images, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, 16GB is for a certain target market, one that can live in the iCloud. The problem with that model, however, is that inexperienced buyers and inattentive resellers foist 16GB iPhones on people who really cannot manage to live in the iCloud and therefore could end up hating their iPhone (it won’t update, it’s perpetually packed full and therefore runs poorly, can’t take any photos, can’t download day more apps, etcetera).

Apple needs to ask themselves if the benefits of having a 16GB iPhone (“low” entry price and upselling platform for higher capacity iPhones) are worth the risk of disappointing those who are likely buying their first iPhone. For Apple, the quality of the user experience should always come first.

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    1. 16-GB iPhone 6S, another Tim Cook ripoff.

      This fruitcake has no shame.

      First the Apple Stupidwatch, then the Macbook with a new body, yesterday’s speed, and a single port.

      And now, since 2009, the 16-GB, ripoff option remains.

      Time for a new CEO.

      1. In summary (many posts, over and over)…

        The watch is stupid. Pout. Stomp.
        You’re stupid. Pout. Stomp.
        Tim Cook is stupid. Pout. Stomp.
        MacBook is stupid. Pout. Stomp.
        Gays are stupid. Pout. Stomp.

        Wow! What amazing insight! And backed with such rock-solid logic. Thanks for your wonderful contributions, ohrandy.

      2. And speaking of Cook, I can’t stand the tutty-fruity colors that are in IOS and OSX. They look like they were designed to appeal to young girls.

        I’ve been holding off on upgrading my 4s to IOS 7 or 8 and I’m sticking with Mavericks. In addition, I will NEVER buy a MBP with just one port as well as cheesy integrated graphics.

        He’s no Steve Jobs, not even close. Jobs was a genius.

        1. The only MacBook with one port (actually two, if you include the headphone jack) is the new MacBook 12″. There is no MBP with only one port, nor has there been any rumors of such a product.

          Enjoy your stay in Retroville.

    2. Where is the substance in an analyst claiming “. . . and new flash memory that may nonetheless remain at a 16GB minimum capacity”, when there is obviously only the mere speculation being presented? It is obvious that these claims about the electronics to be included are purely speculation from the use of the phrase “may nonetheless”. This strikes me as a pre-emptive FUD commentary.

    1. While I agree that 32GB should be the new base level for iOS devices (and should have been implemented last year), there is a cost. The material cost difference between 16 and 32GB is probably not that large at the volumes that Apple deals with, but the revenue loss from the loss of $100 upgrades to the mid-level iPhone would be significant.

  1. 16GB. On an entry level iPhone that costs $700. Same storage as what the iPhone 3GS started with. In 2009.

    Even Samsung was smart enough to start their latest S6 phones with 32 GB.

    I don’t know what Apple thinks they’re doing, but they’re certainly not “delighting” this customer.

  2. Releasing 16Gb is stupid.. Apple should chuck that and release 64GB and 128GB. why pull stupid and silly stunts when they are going to make money anyways.. Penny wise pound foolish.

          1. @silversnatch

            Using that same logic, I suppose you are the ‘entry level’ human being. If a person wants more intelligence, they can always ‘upgrade’ by bursting through their fanbois bubble and getting a real world education.


            1. Fanboys should take the time to read what MDN said. All of my iOS products are 128gb & cellular. 16gb iOS products are next to useless. The facts still remain that the customer is always right and pissing off customers unnecessarily is a wonderful way to go broke.

          2. Umm hum. Microsoft gave you upward choices too: Windows Home, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

            For your car analogy to work, you’re talking about trim levels on the same car model, not buying different models from the same maker.

            Extending the flaky analogy further, it’s like the Cobalt’s base trim only having enough gas tank capacity to go 160 miles between fillups, and the next trim up the only difference is a larger tank that it lets you go 320 miles… for $1000 more, when you know the different tank sizes only cost the carmaker $50.

            1. It’s like selling a car with only first gear. It will “work” and get you from point A to B, but not very practical.

              The thing that amazes me most about the “Apple Can Do No Wrong Debaters” is that it’s absolutely no skin off their noses if the consumer gets a better product for the same or less money (aka Moore’s Law).

              16Gb iPhones are crap. Plain and simple. 32Gb. Defending 16Gb iPhones is crazy talk.

            2. I understood your poor attempt at analogy perfectly. It is you who isn’t able to understand your analogy is fatally flawed, despite my schooling you. There’s no point discussing things further with you.

      1. Philip Morris is also one of this country’s top earners along with gun manufacturers. I don’t see much of the public being pleased with there products.

        I wonder if you’d jump off a bridge because everyone else was doing it too. Maybe you should try silverbells

    1. Naw, that’s baloney. Having a base level of 32GB is more than sufficient for many, and will keep them out of the problems with only 16GB. In this case MDN is correct, and Apple is being short sighted and making themselves look like money grubbing schmucks. Apple has always acted like friggin’ extortionists when it comes to storage and RAM.

  3. Apple increased the mid and top ends and dropped the price for those. This saved me $100 X 4 phones. The 16GB entry and lower 64GB pricing was shear genius. If they go to 32GB, then the next step will be 128GB. This leaves way too much money on the table. We might see a 32, 128, 256 for iPhone 7, but not the 6S/plus.

    1. “This leaves way too much money on the table”

      The moment money and pandering to Wall Street investors becomes the overriding concern at Apple, instead of delighting customers, Apple ceases to become a company worth defending, or deserving of our loyalty.

  4. Who cares. My mom has a 16gb phone and doesn’t know the difference. I’m going 64gb no matter what. So I’m getting there for an extra $100 no matter what the base memory is.

  5. MDN I partially disagree with some of your misperceptions on any connection between an iOS device’s storage capacity and iCloud. I go with 128 GB on all my iOS devices and still largely live in iCloud. I assure you that any amount of iCloud storage has absolutely nothing to do with your capacity for apps and local storage. Never having to deal with storage, because my apps and local storage float at around 80 GB used, is a huge benefit of the larger size. While I have over 200 GB of files in iCloud, which I access through those apps or solely from my Macs. You cannot compensate small iOS device storage with iCloud storage, you simply can’t. It stores completely different things. They work together, not in exchange for one another. I suspect your need for more iCloud storage or a larger capacity device would go hand in hand as you become more integrated into the ecosystem.

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