Apple’s iPhone 6s will come in pink

“Apple is set to brighten up its range with new colours for the iPhone and even the iPod, it has been claimed,” Mark Prigg reports for The Daily Mail. “The firm was believed to be developing a rose gold iPhone 6s handset to be revealed in September – but has now switched to an aluminium pink one with a white face, according to the Wall Street Journal.””

“Currently, Apple offers the iPhone in three colors: silver, gold and space gray. It had been rumoured a ‘rose gold’ was under development, but the report claims this has been abandoned,” Prigg reports. “It is testing a new pink option to the lineup, these people said.”

Prigg reports, “It also confirmed the handset will have a ‘force touch’ screen [sic feature] that can recognise deep presses and show an extra menu.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: A pink flagship iPhone would be a hot-seller!


    1. Pink is the new Black. But they’ll surely have colours for boys, too, like fuschia and umber. If that won’t work for you, clothe it elegantly with Def Leppard or G.I. Jane cases to disguise your true colours.

    1. We know they play cheap charlie. The iPhone 5c was “unapologetically plastic.” Which is market-speak for “OK it’s made of plastic, so what?” They hyped the colours and hoped it would catch on, ’cause a plastic phone is so much cheaper to manufacture than a metal one. But buyers wen’t fooled, they knew the 5c was just a cheaper phone.

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  2. More colours = more sales. Can only be a good thing.

    Although I hope they also update the smaller screen models this time. That I would be getting my credit card out for.

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