Messaging and the Apple Watch

“Jonathan Ive’s team developed the Apple Watch to help solve the problem they themselves created: smartphone addiction. Between the constant influx of notifications and the 24/7 connectivity to work, we are prisoners of our own devices,” Ram Menon writes for TechCrunch. “Reluctantly, I’ll admit that I’m guilty of this in my personal life. As I play with my kids on a Saturday afternoon in the park, I can’t help but discreetly sneak a look at my phone every few minutes. We just cannot free ourselves from the thought of missing something important.”

Apple Watch Messages“While critics claim otherwise, the Apple Watch actually frees us from our constant surreptitious phone-checking habit. By filtering the most important alerts and providing immediate notifications that can be absorbed with a glance, the Apple Watch causes users to pick up their phone less frequently and only for matters that involve a response,” Menon writes. “Given the nature and purpose of the Apple Watch, the first question companies should ask is whether or not their business app interaction is worthy of immediate interruption. For enterprise messaging, the answer is a resounding Yes. The instant nature of messaging lends itself naturally for a new communication medium like the Apple Watch.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Messaging is one of the most powerful “killer” apps on Apple Watch. The ability to tailor canned responses combined with Siri’s newfound accuracy at translating speech to text (or the Apple Watch’s ability to clearly record and send your audio message) is a Godsend! It’s so fast to respond from your wrist as opposed to fishing out your iPhone. We hardly look at our iPhones now compared to the years prior to April 24, 2015. We’re really look forward to gaining the ability to also respond to email with watchOS 2 this fall.


      1. I’m totally in with iMessage being the early Killer App on the WATCH. It’s by far the most useful app after the Alarm and Timer apps for me. I never miss a timely iMessage any more which I did frequently with only an iPhone. Most iMessages have an urgency factor not found in email. It’s very easy to miss iMessages sent to your iPhone such that their purpose is destroyed in a matter of minutes if you don’t notice them coming in. With the WATCH Haptic alerts that is not possible so you can immediately see what’s up and respond accordingly.💥🎉⌚️😆

  1. With years and years of practice, I was able to cut seconds off of the time it took me to fish my phone out of my pocket. It got to the point where I was able to do it in less than five minutes. But now Apple Watch has come along and rendered all of that hard work useless.

  2. You can’t pair two watches to one iPhone. You have to
    unpair one and then pair the other. Takes about 7 minutes
    every time. Was going to use the Sport that I just got for
    workouts and then switch to the 42/SS/Milanese for the
    rest of the day. What a pain! Why didn’t Apple reveal this
    ahead of time ???

  3. What amazes me is that the contextualization works so well. Last night the wife texted me to ask if I wanted fries or onion rings with the hamburgers she was picking up. The watch had both items as the top two reply suggestions. Took a second to respond.

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