Apple may dump Google as Safari’s default search engine

Apple may remove “Google as its default mobile search engine on Safari,” Meg Garner reports for TheStreet. “If Apple does not renew its deal, Microsoft-owned Bing is the current frontrunner for the slot, according to industry analysts.”

“Safari was the most often used web browser in May, taking 52.9% of mobile and tablet usage in the United States. Google’s own web browsers’, Google Chrome and Android, which compete directly against Safari, took in 32.1% and 9.5% respectively, according to StatCounter,” Garner reports. “Bing has been the default search engine for Siri requests since 2013. Apple announced at its Worldwide Developer’s Conference in 2014 that Bing would also be the search engine behind Spotlight.”

“Google’s role on the iPhone has repeatedly been downgraded, particularly once it created Android,” Garner reports. “Google is estimated to generate $15.3 billion in annual gross mobile search revenues with $11.5 billion coming from iOS search revenues and another $2 billion (including $3.7 billion in traffic acquisition costs paid to Apple) coming from being the default search engine on Safari, according to a May research analyst report by Goldman Sachs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let the rueing grow ever more severe.

Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.MacDailyNews, March 9, 2010

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    1. Why would Bing be considered to be the frontrunner to replace Google search? Bing is not exactly a close second to Google – all Google competitors have a much smaller following. Also, Microsoft wants Bing to become Google, to replace Google. The last thing that Apple needs is to foster the growth of another Google. Along that same line, Bing has a map function, just like Google and Apple. Apple wants people to use Apple Maps, not Bing maps.

      Apple is going to take one of two courses. One possibility is to bury and abstract the search function so that the actual source becomes irrelevant to the user. The second is to grow Apple-affiliated search sources and exclude selected competitors, such as Google. Either way, the power of Apple’s web search competitors and their ability to maintain and grow revenues will be adversely impacted.

      1. What’s super scary about Bing is that MS:
        1) Supplement what their algorithms discover with GOOGLE results. They’ve admitted it.
        2) Supplement what their algorithms discover with YAHOO results. They have a contract with Yahoo for exactly that purpose.

        Therefore, how is Bing supposed to replace Google or Yahoo search? It’s merely a search engine for weasels.

        As for Apple and search, I very much wish they’d invest in it and become good at it. As I am constantly pointing out, their search engine for their own website is shite. The best way to search is with Google. And that’s ridiculous.

    1. Yes, list them with a little information:

      DuckDuckGo (Does Not Track You)
      Bing (Tracks You)
      Yahoo (Tracks You)
      Google (Tracks your every move and action and communication and tracks everyone you interact with)

  1. Google will laugh and say it means nothing to them. They’ll say that their company isn’t dependent upon Apple when it comes to ads. I’m sure they secretly believe people will simply go back to using Google Search even if it isn’t the default. I’m sure Wall Street believes Apple dumping Google Search won’t hurt Google at all and the price target will be raised. You watch. People believe what Apple does has no effect on any of their rivals. Apple is considered a joke by Wall Street investors and I find that quite amazing.

    I personally think it will have at least some effect on Google’s revenue if Google Search is no longer the default. I’ll bet plenty of users never realize they can switch their search engines and simply use whatever is the default. I’m still hoping I’ll hear Apple will announce its own search engine at some point, but I’ll settle for DDG. I’m sure Bing is going to beat out DDG as the default because Apple will use Microsoft against Google to put Bing as a larger market share rival to Google Search and that works for me. Anything that hinders Google’s growth is fine because I’m pissed over Google’s relatively high P/E.

  2. I’ve been trying to use DuckDuckGo, but unfortunately their search results have not been as good as Google (which I’d rather not use…). In head to head searches, Google’s first in the list of results has led me directly to what I was looking for (e.g. a scholarly article or report, with the search based on a query of the name of the scholar and area of study), while the result didn’t appear in DuckDuckGo (at least the first couple pages of results).

    I would love to make DuckDuckGo my primary search engine, but they need a lot of improvement to yield better, more accurate search results.

      1. Thanks.

        They have an extension for Safari as well (hopefully the extension is safe – not in Apple’s extensions pages – I am not sure if Apple goes through the same process of examining extensions for inclusion in their list as they do for apps, in any case).

  3. Please Apple, create a search engine that surpasses anything Google does. Dissect google, bing, yahoo. Study everything they do and create something better. Incorporate privacy but have your own version of AdWords too.

    Oh, and get IBM involved with your cloud based office suite, server OS and enterprise projects.

  4. Apple is doing some good house cleaning, getting rid of the Confederate Flag in places where it is used in offensive and mean-spirited ways, dumping Google as Safaris’ default search engine for many of the reasons described in the article. I can’t wait until Apple announces the same approach for the stars and stripes, the modern day icon for torture and crimes against humanity.

    Then it will probably go after the less evil icons, like the nazi symbols found in so many games.

  5. What Apple should do is have a pull down menu with the different search engines WHERE YOU TYPE IN YOUR SEARCH. That will give users the ability to experiment with different search engines. Be honest, how often do you go to Safari’s Preferences?

    The problem with that is that won’t make Apple any money.

    What Apple will probably do is default who ever pays them the most money. That’s not a complaint against Apple, it’s just reality, and their fiduciary duty to shareholders.

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